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Assess Your Analytics Maturity

Assess your organization in minutes. Increase revenue and operating income for years.


Why Your Score Matters

The decisions you make now have a compound effect on your organization’s long-term health and performance. Third-party research indicates that analytically mature organizations outperform others in their industry across nearly every metric, including 3-year revenue and 5-year operating income.

This can be bad news for organizations that score lower than their competitors on the maturity scale. Over a 10-year period, Stage 2 organizations trail Stage 4 organizations by nearly 4.8x in operating income and 6x in revenue.


Average Analytics Maturity Score: 2.2

Stage 1: Analytics Beginner

Not data-driven

Stage 2: Localized Analytics

Using reports

Stage 3: Analytic Aspirations

Sees value of analytics

Stage 4: Analytic Company

Good at analytics


Like a checkup for your health, an analytics maturity assessment can help you detect early warning signs and address them before they threaten the survival of your organization.


Are You Falling Behind?

Get a roadmap for analytical maturity and make the changes you need to deliver long-term success.


Three Reasons to Take an Analytics Maturity Assessment

Benchmark Against Competitors

See the highest value actions your organization can take to deliver value and outperform your peers.

Develop a Roadmap for Success

Get a roadmap with areas of opportunity plus the tactics you can pursue today to improve maturity and performance.

Accelerate Progress

Improve transparency and gain alignment on crucial business issues.



We’re driving true business results in real time. It’s been a great change in our service offering, and, across the board, we’ve seen drastic improvements.

VP, Finance

F500 Healthcare Services Company

The Alteryx Analytics Maturity Assessment is valuable provides a framework and point of reference to understand where you've come from, where you could go next, and actions you can take now.

Brian Millrine, CIO

Brookson Group

We took the Alteryx Analytics Maturity Assessment, and I was quite pleased to discover we're slightly ahead of our peers.

Sarah Belsham, Partner


Analytics maturity is important because there is a direct link between analytics competency, decision making, and revenue/profits.

Nicholas Bignell, Director

UBS Investment Bank


What Makes The Alteryx Analytics Maturity Assessment Different?

The Alteryx Analytics Maturity Assessment was built in partnership with the International Institute for Analytics (IIA), an independent research and advisory that found a strong correlation between maturity and performance across 57 of 68 performance metrics.

What the Analytics Maturity Assessment Measures

Data Maturity

Your data’s readiness to drive value through analysis, considering factors like quality, standardization, and accessibility to those who need it

Organizational Dynamics

Your business’s approach to analytics, considering factors like analytics efforts’ alignment to business objectives and organizational culture around data

Analytics Team Dynamics

The business unit(s) focused on analytics, considering factors like organizational design and leadership

Usage & Technology Dynamics

The tools and techniques that support your business in analytics, considering factors like specific technologies, infrastructure, and user behavior


How the Assessment Helps You

The assessment is fast, simple, and helps you evaluate the overall maturity of your organization. When you finish, you get:

  • A clear view of your business’s analytics maturity in its current state
  • Where you outperform peers and where you need to devote more attention
  • Detailed results, complete with resources to help your business level up

Who Should Take an Analytics Maturity Assessment?

This assessment is designed for leaders embarking on digital transformation efforts, but anyone involved in their business’s data strategy and practices can complete it.

Curious to find out what taking the Analytics Maturity Assessment is like?

Watch this quick walkthrough video to get a sneak peek of what to expect and what you’ll learn.



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