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Data Preparation, Blending, and Enrichment

Prep. Blend. Automate.


Data Prep / Blend / Enrichment

Analysts, data engineers, and data scientists can speed raw data on its journey to insight through interactive preparation. This yields a visual representation that is sharable so others may accelerate their own use cases. Repetitive tasks can be automated.


Data Access and Preparation

  • Visual and interactive, with hundreds of no/low-code tools to transform data and automate analytics
  • Many data connectors for on-premises and cloud—and publishing to spreadsheets, BI tools, and more

Data Exploration & Profiling

  • Data profiling visualizations include field-level bar charts, scatterplots, and colorizations
  • Visually explore distributions of your variables and quickly understand and improve its quality

Data Quality

  • Easily discover and validate data quality issues
  • AI-infused data quality enhancement recommendations

Data Enrichment

  • Add geospatial data from Mapbox and TomTom to better understand customers
  • Use demographic data from Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and the US Census Data to understand customer behavior

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