Alteryx for Analytics Leaders

Achieve higher returns and greater business impact from your data investments - whether or not “analytics” appears in your job title. Establish a clear analytics strategy and empower teams to deliver insights faster than ever with automated analytics.


Establish a Winning Strategy

Deliver Insights

Integrate data across sources. Prepare, blend, and analyze — using descriptive, diagnostic, spatial, machine learning, and more capabilities — in the cloud or on premises. Distribute results to any destination: file, dashboard, warehouse, or application.

Accelerate Results

Achieve rapid time to value with automated, repeatable analytics workflows that scale across the enterprise. Drag-and-drop capabilities help employees across the business take advantage of data resources to make informed decisions faster than before.

Empower People

Increase data literacy on your team and across the organization with an easy-to-use, end-to-end analytics automation platform. Enable knowledge workers of all skill levels — from data professionals to business leaders — to create value from data.


Fast Insights. Successful Outcomes.

Empower your people to turn data into answers faster than ever before with a user-friendly, automated analytics solution. Your data works harder for you through an end-to-end platform offering every type of analysis the modern enterprise needs. Over 8,300 companies around the world automate analytics with Alteryx.


Alteryx for Leaders


Use All Your Data Types

Use multiple data types and sources when conducting analysis. Connect to everything you need while maintaining governance and without changing the original data sources.


Increase Team Accessibility

With all your data easily accessible, teams can easily find and share data and processes across departments. Leverage successful processes from other teams and shorten the time it takes to produce results.


Leverage Analytic Apps

Shorten the time it takes for people to get the reports they need. Turn analytic processes into apps that people can run using their own datasets and inputs.


We set a high standard for ourselves, and Alteryx made it possible for us to continue operating through the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve estimated that we’ve saved $1.3 million in cost-savings through automating our data gathering process and gained an 800% increase in productivity.

Symphony Care Network

Nathan Patrick Taylor, CIO

Symphony Care Network

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We feel as if Alteryx is an evolving application, so we're always getting more value. The runway just keeps on getting extended.

Schneider Electric

Tom Sturgeon, Director of Business Analytics

Schneider Electric

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Since I had deep knowledge and experience with Alteryx, I truly believe that it helped me land my job here at 7-Eleven!


Raghav Nargotra, Manager, Digital Analytics


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Turn Data Into Breakthroughs

See a faster return on your investment, identify areas to save, increase efficiency, and upskill teams. The Alteryx Analytics Automation Platform brings data, processes, and people together and delivers results across all departments.



Sales Increase. See a faster return on your investment and discover areas for growth.

Grow Your Revenue


Annual Savings. Identify areas for cost savings to return money to the bottom-line.

Save Money


Efficiency Improvement. Increase shipping and delivery while reducing the time it takes to analyze data.

Save Time


People Upskilled. Upskill your current work staff or hire from a larger talent pool.

Build Teams

Assess Your Analytics Maturity

Get a better understanding of where you stand on the analytics maturity scale – and where you want to be.