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Higher Education Analytics

Combine, share, and analyze institution-wide data to make smarter decisions for students, faculty, staff and the institution overall.


Make Better Institutional Decisions

Create the insights and agility needed to accelerate results in Recruitment, Admissions, Student Success, and Institutional Advancement with automated analytics.

  • Recruitment: Measure the impact, evaluate feedback, and target your communication to maximize results.
  • Admissions: Know your funnel, keep your finger on the pulse and measure results to drive results.
  • Student Success: Evaluate the experience of your students, anticipate needs, know the risk factors for attrition, and enable success.
  • Institutional Advancement: Improve regulatory reporting, capital planning and alumni relationships with insight.
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Accelerating Outcomes for Higher Education

Automated Prep and Blend

Automate the reporting measurement of critical insights across recruitment, admissions, and student success teams.

Geospatial and Location Intelligence

Locate the best potential students by knowing where to target for improved marketing results.

Guided Predictive Modeling

Predict and prepare for the impact of changing dynamics, demographics, and economic conditions.


The Value of Analytics Automation

University of Nottingham + Alteryx
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Important Breakthroughs, Insights in minutes

Higher Ed organizations across the globe are accelerating breakthroughs with insights generated from data. Alteryx enables organizations to move from days of manual work to automated insights in minutes improving outcomes for students, faculty, staff, and the enterprise.


Days to Hours

One university reduced the time it takes to go from applicant to the application process.

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7 Million

One university automated data prep to go from proof of concept to productive data modeling in minutes.

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Hours to Seconds

One university continuously monitors their core curriculum for improvements using analytic automation.

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Go Deeper with Data Innovators in Higher Ed.

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