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6 ways data science + analytics can help you rapidly address the unforeseen challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Find, Recruit and Retain the Best Students

While institutions of higher education face a number of challenges, none is more significant than the ability to attract and retain a strong student body in order to remain competitive. The data to address this challenge exists — but it resides in a variety of functional silos across the institution: admissions, the registrar’s office, financial aid, and institutional advancement. What if there was a way to combine, share, and analyze this institution-wide data to make smarter decisions for students and the institution overall?

Alteryx Designer for Higher Education
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Alteryx enables you to make better institutional decisions by allowing you to prep, blend, and analyze multiple data sources from across your university to help you answer the most pressing student questions.


With Self-Service Data Analytics From Alteryx, You Can:

  • Effectively target and recruit new students by blending various data sources such as high school academic records, college entrance exams, and publicly available U.S. Census data
  • Make strategic decisions on where to send recruiters to get the best return on investment
  • Improve student retention by analyzing student transcripts, on-campus activities, financial aid and grant information, and more
  • Measure student satisfaction with respect to overall educational experience
  • Prep, blend, and analyze data including social media from sites like LinkedIn to understand which alumni you should target for donations
  • Improve alumni donation outreach by analyzing data to understand how many touches are most effective and which long-term strategies resonate more efficiently with different generations

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