Supply Chain Intelligence

The Alteryx Analytics Cloud unlocks higher quality and more timely supply chain insights, leading to greater revenue, margin, and resiliency.


Achieve Breakthrough Intelligent Decisions in the Supply Chain

Powered by the Alteryx Analytics Cloud, Supply Chain Intelligence is the fastest path to unlocking higher quality and more timely supply chain insights. From understanding difficult-to-track customer demand to procuring finished goods from a network of uncertain capacity. Now that the capabilities of the Alteryx Analytics Automation Platform are available in the cloud, it’s easier than ever to achieve breakthrough Intelligent Decisions within the supply chain and beyond.

Common Supply Chain Intelligence Use Cases

Demand Forecasting

Know customer demand with confidence.

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Inventory and Assortment Optimization

Plan inventory and assortment with a clear line of sight into customers.

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Predictive Maintenance

Improve machine and asset uptime to support better customer outcomes.

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Proven Experience

See our Use Case Navigator and customer stories for examples of how many name-brand global organizations are leveraging Supply Chain Intelligence.


Use Case Self Discovery

Identify and prioritize the use cases with the greatest potential to improve your supply chain with the Business Use Case Discovery Guide.


Improve Customer Outcomes

Develop actionable insights into the impact of maintenance on customer satisfaction, sales, and costs. Leverage external signals blended with internal and cloud data.


Prioritize your Investments

6 steps to solve supply chain challenges with data
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Taste the Feeling Coca-Cola Alteryx
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Automation at Amway Results in Over $80,000 of Savings Annually
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When I use Alteryx, I feel boundary-less. There's no problem out there that I haven't been able to solve, and that's what allows me to be confident in my role.


Adam Rant, Business Systems Analyst


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