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Create Stronger Relationships With Customers

With a seemingly unlimited amount of information available at their fingertips — about products, brands, prices, competitive offerings, and more — customers today are more in charge than ever before. They want what they want, where they want it.

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Customer analytics lets you continue serving your existing customers, prevent attrition, and build stronger relationships. You need to offer your customers the right product, at the right time, through the right channel, using the right message.

Alteryx improves your customer analytics by empowering you to prep, blend, and analyze all your customer data from all channels and systems in a repeatable analytic workflow, and easily enrich it with integrated demographic, firmographic, segmentation, and geo‐spatial data, so you have a 360‐degree view of your customer.

using alteryx for Customer Analytics Allows You To:
  • Anticipate customer demand so you can provide the right product at the right time and drive repeat business
  • Target prospects with similar attributes as your most valued customers
  • Improve marketing campaign effectiveness and brand loyalty by targeting customers and prospects with personalized messaging and offers
  • Minimize customer attrition by identifying at‐risk customers and taking corrective actions in time to retain them
  • Increase operational efficiency by empowering both data analysts and line‐of‐business users with self‐sufficient analytics, so they can deliver deeper insights in hours, not weeks
Customer Churn Analytics BW

Customer Churn Analytics

Alteryx Analytics allows a service provider to combine everything they know about a customer to predict their overall satisfaction, as well as their experience with service quality, convenience, competitive pressure, and many other factors.

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