Customer Intelligence

A unified customer view. Powerful analytics. Personalized insights.

Alteryx Analytics Cloud for Customer Intelligence can help you discover insights that help you attract new customers, keep the ones you have, and create personalized customer experiences.

Alteryx Analytics Cloud for Customer Intelligence

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Increase ROMI

  • Provide deeper customer insights with a 360 view
  • Improve accuracy of offers and personalize customer experiences with advanced analytics
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Improve Customer Loyalty

  • Reduce customer churn
  • Identify profitable customers and keep them through pre-emptive actions
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Exceed Revenue Goals

  • Increase conversion rates through more effective targeting
  • Focus marketing and customer service efforts on your most valuable customers

A Unified Customer View

Ingest all sources of customer data, both internal and external, to develop a central, deep, and holistic customer profile.

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Powerful Analytics

Allow marketing professionals to use powerful analytics to explore, understand, and predict customer behavior with an intuitive, self-service user experience.

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Personalized Insights

  • Deliver personalized insights at scale to acquire, grow, and retain customers.
  • Create a set of common KPIs to measure engagement across channels to measure marketing performance.
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The location planning process would previously take Gymshark 14 days to understand best locations for events based on customer activity, their spend and gender splits. Using Alteryx, Gymshark can now compare 5 different locations in 5 minutes for a process improvement of 37x.

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Predicting Email Open Rate

Analyzing email open rates helps Marketing target and optimize campaigns. 

Alteryx Machine Learning
Data Science & Machine Learning
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Service and Support Operations Automated Insights

Give customer service teams fast and actionable insights and close every experience gap

Alteryx Auto Insights
Customer Intelligence
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Product Telemetry Data Management

Consolidate telemetry data from multiple sources in multiple formats and distill the data into a data warehouse.

Information Technology
Alteryx Platform
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Transform Your Analytics

Get ready to unlock hidden insights in your data.