12 ways data science + analytics can help you rapidly address the unforeseen challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Deliver Quality Care, Contain Costs, and Improve Efficiency

The healthcare industry has been undergoing significant changes for decades. A combination of factors has accelerated the pace of change, including government initiatives to increase access to care, value-based payment models, greater consumer involvement in healthcare purchase decisions, and digitization of healthcare information. With change has come a flood of data, and increasing expectations from decision makers for analysis and one single view of the patient, overwhelming the IT organizations of many providers and insurers.

Alteryx helps healthcare companies improve their decision-making speed by providing data analysts and line-of-business users the ability to prepare, blend, and analyze data themselves, without writing any code and without any IT dependence or delay.


With Self-Service Data Analytics From Alteryx, You Can:

  • Get a unified view of patients by connecting to, cleansing, and joining all relevant data — clinical, insurance, demographic, and more — regardless of system or format
  • Increase access to care by analyzing local healthcare service needs and existing infrastructure availability based on location and patient data
  • Improve quality of care and patient outcomes by reporting and sharing relevant patient history and care data among all healthcare providers
  • Achieve regulatory compliance with on-time reporting by significantly reducing the time required to prep and blend data from all sources


Healthcare Insurers/Payors

Gain a complete view of your insurance clients by accessing and blending clinical, business, and operational data; optimize operations and client services such as call-center support based on resource utilization and member preferences; track and monitor client insurance costs across states and programs for future insurance premium adjustments; assess cost of service and quality by providers for relationship renewals and contract negotiations.


Healthcare Providers

Get a complete view of patient health history by accessing and blending all relevant clinical data from your internal systems and those of partners; optimize quality and range of healthcare service offerings based on local population needs; forecast future workforce requirements by analyzing utilization patterns by facility and time of the year; evaluate the performance of partners (such as pharmacies, physicians, and imaging services providers) based on quality and cost of service; and assess financial and operational risks of regulation changes, while complying with regulatory requirements.

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