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The healthcare industry has been undergoing significant changes for decades. A combination of factors has accelerated the pace of change, including government initiatives to increase access to care, value-based payment models, greater consumer involvement in healthcare purchase decisions, and digitization of healthcare information. With change has come a flood of data, and increasing expectations from decision makers for analysis and one single view of the patient, overwhelming the IT organizations of many providers and insurers.

Alteryx helps healthcare companies improve their decision-making speed by providing data analysts and line-of-business users the ability to prepare, blend, and analyze data themselves, without writing any code and without any IT dependence or delay.

Customer Stories

Kaiser Permanente Building

Kaiser Permanente Deploys Alteryx to Deliver Fast Reporting

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Using Data to Prevent Premature Birth: Alpha Maxx Deploys Alteryx to Promote Healthy Pregnancies

Doctor looking into a microscope.

Castor Analyzes COVID-19 Medical Research to Saves Lives.

Alteryx empowers people like us, who have little to no computer coding background, to do complex things with data.

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Use Case

Predicting Email Open Rate

Analyzing email open rates helps Marketing target and optimize campaigns. 

Alteryx Machine Learning
Data Science & Machine Learning
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From Code Jockey to CIO

A day in the life of a CIO.

Healthcare & Insurance
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Business Leader
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