Alteryx Machine Learning Platform

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Build advanced machine learning models easily with our no-code AutoML product with Education Mode.

Machine Learning Benefits

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Upskill Workers

Democratize advanced analytics & machine learning across departments with a no-code cloud solution including Education Mode that teaches while you solve.

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Empower and Accelerate

Utilize best-in-class machine learning models to accelerate results and maximize trust across the organization.

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Reduce Workload

Reduce bottlenecks with the data science team by bringing the capabilities, the methods, and the models to the business users.

Approachable AutoML

Scale data science across your business with automated machine learning (AutoML) and feature engineering, empowering business domain experts and data scientists alike to accelerate insights.

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Uncover Hidden Signals

With Alteryx Machine Learning’s automated insight generation, you’ll quickly uncover hidden signals and key relationships in your data.

Uncover Hidden Signals

Deep Feature Synthesis

Deep Feature Synthesis is an automated feature engineering method that detects high-quality features by building on the relationships in your data. This helps you efficiently create models your business can understand, explain, and use for decision-making.


Approachable Machine Learning

Easily build machine learning models with in-product Education Mode. You can also engage and collaborate with members of the robust Alteryx community.

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Best-in-Class Algorithms

Increase trust and transparency in your models through access to Open Source libraries. Alteryx Open Source packages via GitHub include: Woodwork, Compose, Featuretools, EvalML.
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One of the people in our team who doesn't have a data science background built a model with Alteryx Machine Learning to automatically classify the tax status of products.

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Analyzing email open rates helps Marketing target and optimize campaigns. 

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Product Telemetry Data Management

Consolidate telemetry data from multiple sources in multiple formats and distill the data into a data warehouse.

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Financial Fraud Detection

Automate testing of 100% of transactions to optimize fraud detection and limit incidences of false flagging.

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Transform Your Analytics

Get ready to unlock hidden insights in your data.