Why Alteryx

The modern analytics platform. Unify the analytics experience across your entire organization and break down barriers to faster insights.

Hello, Total Analytics Badassery.

Alteryx is the only quick-to-implement end-to-end data analytics platform for your organization that allows data scientists and analysts alike to solve business problems faster than you ever thought possible.


Of data analysts

have to depend on others within their organization to perform at least some steps in the analytics process.


Of data analysts

are not satisfied with the quality of final output.


Of data analysts

are not satisfied with the overall speed of the analytics process.

Alteryx Has Allowed Me to...

...take a really inefficient reporting process, shatter it to pieces, and build something that’s automated, efficient, and way more scaleable.

Eli's Story

Eli Ben-Porat, Senior Controller, Cisco
Customer Stories Eli

It Has Made Us More Agile

What I like about Alteryx is the fact that when I ask for a change my team can actually make that change really quickly using Alteryx.

Rana's Story

Rana Dalbah, Director of Workforce Intelligence, BAE Systems
Rana Dallbah

We Have People All Over the World Analyzing Data...

[With Alteryx] we’ve captured the intellectual property of that analyst and transferred it from an Excel file into an easy-to-understand workflow.

Tom's Story

Tom Sturgeon, Dir. of Business Analytics, Schneider Electric
Tom Sturgeon

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