Operational Analytics

Proactively streamline everyday operations

Get real-time insights that help drive instant outcomes.

Transform day-to-day analytic processes, faster

Answer critical process or strategic investment questions in a repeatable way. Respond to urgent analytic questions faster to take advantage of opportunities, and fix processes proactively.
  • Optimize real estate investments and portfolio management with modeling that adapts to business changes
  • Improve location and distribution-center performance with analytics using all the relevant data, ranging from Excel spreadsheets, data in the cloud and packaged market and spatial data
  • Increase operational and process improvement with flexible line-of-business analytics

Customer Stories

Polaris vehicle driving through sand.

Building the Safety Culture at Polaris


Ingersoll Rand Automates Multimillion-Dollar Inventory-Control with Alteryx APA

caterpillar tractor

Nippon Caterpillar Japan Streamlines Analysis Operations

I can use Alteryx for simple data prep jobs, but I can also automate emails, reports, presentations. I have access to geospatial tools as well as predictive analytics all in one package.

Jan 5

How Effective Is My Organization at Uncovering Customer Insights?

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How to Turn Analytics Maturity Into Business Value

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