Governance with Alteryx

Scale your data and analytics projects safely with centralized controls and oversight.

A modern, flexible governance framework

Democratizing analytics doesn’t mean chaos.

You have compliance policies and procedures in place that govern who and how data is used and change management procedures.

Alteryx helps you comply with those policies.

Defense in depth

Governance is a multi-layered approach. Our framework does not rely on only one control point or only one tool; instead, we outline how preventative or detective controls can be leveraged through the entire analytic lifecycle.

Segregation of duties

A key control principle is that no user can approve, review, or promote their own workflow to production. A robust review process and automated migration between environments ensures segregation of duties at all times.

Good governance by design

We bring governance best practices to every aspect of workflow management. Our approach is flexible, customizable, and leverages automated risk checks to allow you to identify, manage, and mitigate risks.

Fit for Purpose

Not every workflow carries the same risk. We facilitate innovation and rapid prototyping through a streamlined process for low-risk workflows.


Connectivity And Authentication

Connect to your enterprise data sources using your sanctioned authentication methods, such as SAML and OAuth, and secure credential storage.



Know when your workflows are run, data is updated, and how your data is being used. Annotate your workflows and deliver visual and easy-to-understand process documentation. Rich audit trails and logging provide end-to-end traceability and keep records of data usage – when, where, why, how, and by whom.



A comprehensive data security framework that is compliant with major security standards — SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001.

Enterprise encryption protocols for data at rest and data in motion including, AES-256 and TLS.

Role-based security and separation of duties across the enterprise allows for management of data and application access based on job requirements.

Integration with existing user management systems such as Active Directory and SSO.



Understand data sources and usage. Analyze who is using Alteryx and how, assess and identify risk, and monitor performance in automated analytics workflows.


Promotion and Versioning

Manage risk and enable enhanced control and management across workflows and changing environments. Full version control build in Alteryx server allows testing and running different versions of workflows. Integration to Git and other code versioning is available for complex software development.


User Enablement and Best Practices

Leverage Alteryx Governance Assessment to identify improvement opportunities. Define risk metrics and track risks and benefits through available dashboards and email alerts. Alteryx has training and free resources available to define governance frameworks and help teams apply best practices.


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