AiDIN: The AI engine powering the Alteryx AI Platform

Your trusted AI guide to faster insights and innovation.

Alteryx AiDIN combines the best of AI, machine learning, and generative AI with an end-to-end, unified, enterprise-grade analytics platform.


The Alteryx AI Platform for Enterprise Analytics


Why Alteryx AiDIN?

Faster Time-to-Value

Quickly generate text-based content, predictions, recommendations, and scenarios that can inform critical business decisions.

Streamlined Innovation

Innovate faster by discovering new patterns in data that were previously undiscoverable.​

Improved ​Operations

Automate repetitive content creation tasks and reduce manual effort. ​

Enhanced Governance ​

Ensure that data and analytics processes are transparent, auditable, and compliant with regulatory requirements.​


Take a look at our newest features.


AiDIN Copilot

AI-powered analytics companion that accelerates workflow creation, provides instant answers and recommendations, and seamlessly integrates tools within your Designer platform, revolutionizing the way you streamline insights.


Alteryx AI Studio

Enterprise-grade management, customization, and deployment of private LLMs, enabling you to build AI-powered workflows and analytic apps.



Generative AI recommended high value analytics use cases tailored to a user’s business and role. Playbooks generates realistic synthetic data for each use case to enable rapid prototyping for faster time-to-insights.


Magic Documents

Once you’ve created your analytics insights, select your preferred form of communication (email, PowerPoint, etc.) and choose your audience. Then watch as our generative AI automatically drafts a customized summary of your work.


Workflow Summary Tool

Make documenting workflows a breeze with this new feature that uses OpenAI’s GPT API. Let the tool create concise summaries for you of a workflow’s purpose, inputs, outputs, and key logic steps.


OpenAI Connector

Easily use generative AI in Alteryx Designer workflows to transform how data is communicated and shared.


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