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Intuitive, cloud native analytics solution

Designer Cloud is the data analytics solution that enables you to connect, prepare, blend, and output data in an easy, highly visual, code-free way and is meant for anyone who interacts with data. 

ROI at the Speed of Now 

  • Get to ROI in just a matter of minutes with near instant access to Designer Cloud. 
  • Experience more flexibility in accessing analytics with Alteryx, and now, anyone can access insights through a browser, including Mac users. 
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Cleanse, Prep and Blend

  • Create visual analytic models in the browser of any business process
  • Quickly integrate with your most used cloud databases, spreadsheets, documents, and more to transform business outcomes
  • Share workflows built in Designer Cloud with Designer Desktop users and vice versa, with an interoperable experience for the users in your organization

Designer Cloud

Designer Cloud

Track your data’s journey

  • Automate workflows to output to a variety of cloud and on-premise data sources: powering faster business decisions
  • Trace the process with an analytic canvas that visually documents every part of your analysis from data inputs to transformations, it’s all annotated for others to follow and repeat
  • Ensure quality data and trusted results with automated data profiling

Scale Access from One to Many

  • Scale your Alteryx deployment from your first few seats into a widespread, inter-departmental analytics ecosystem leveraged by thousands of users
  • Meet the needs of all of your data workers, from data warrior to data novice with both Designer Cloud and Designer Desktop
  • Access insights through a browser: no installation, no download permissions, no Windows machine limitations, and no hassle

Designer Cloud

I believe Alteryx helped me impact the life of my colleagues and, consequently, my life.

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Use the interactive ROI calculator to estimate the value of analytics automation on your bottom line.

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