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Manufacturing Analytics

Manufacturers achieve breakthrough business outcomes by leveraging analytics automation on internal and external data to develop actionable insight into the needs of customers across product, channels and other factors that influence demand.


Analytics Automation improves outcomes for manufacturing

Producing or procuring the right quantity of the right product for your customer depends on automated analytics. Some of the most successful manufacturers use Alteryx to improve forecasts, inventory decisions, and the uptime of in- service equipment.

  • Demand forecasting: Improve on-shelf-availability and avoid out of stock conditions
  • Inventory optimization: Operate a competitive supply chain with a clear line of sight into the consumption behaviors of customers
  • Predictive maintenance: Identify and address potential downtime before it arises

Automating the Analytics Process

Data Preparation and Blending
Automate the preparation, blending and integration of on-premise and external data sources.

Advanced Analytics

Forecast, identify trends, predict, and answer challenging business questions using predictive and prescriptive models.

Predictive Modeling Deployment
Help teams deploy predictive models into business processes with or without the use of coding in R and Python.

Event Triggering
Use predictive and prescriptive models to automatically trigger shipments, materials, sales, and more.

Analytic Apps

Turn analytic processes into applications can run using their own datasets and inputs.


Turn Data Into Breakthroughs

With Alteryx Analytics Automation, see a faster return on your investment, identify more areas to save, increase efficiency, and upskill teams.

Data Across the Globe

See how Alteryx can take different datasets and prep and blend for automated reporting.

See the Difference
Millions in Savings

From time savings to eliminating costly software, see all the ways Alteryx can help you cut costs and increase earnings.

Insights in Minutes

Keep everyone on the same page, encourage company-wide adoption, and align on targets and goals with automated reporting.

Learn More

Every day, Alteryx users come up with clever new approaches to challenges that added millions to the bottom line.

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