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Automated Insight Generation and Exploration

Focus on What Matters

Uncover and share hidden signals with analytic applications and automated data storytelling to accelerate business outcomes.


Shortening the Distance from Data to Insight

With augmented analytics experiences and no-code analytic application capabilities, Automated Insight Generation and Exploration allows everyone to benefit from data and analytics. Whether you’re finding hidden trends in your data or enabling self-service analytics, Alteryx democratizes data and insights at scale.


Automated Insight Generation

  • Automatically discover insights for decision-makers, without building models or writing algorithms
  • Surface root causes or unexpected changes in seconds, to understand what drives critical metrics

Data Story Telling

  • Easily consume insights that are contextualized and explained in simple, clear natural language
  • Share easy to understand insights through automated data stories, regardless of data literacy

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Analytic Apps

  • Share workflows and outputs as analytic apps with others
  • Empower everyone to quickly find, manage, understand, and access data and insights

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At Alteryx Inspire 2023, Alteryx announced various new and extended capabilities to improve its value proposition for certain users or use-cases. This includes expanded cloud platform experiences, cloud-based Location Intelligence for spatial analytics, integrated generative AI capabilities with Alteryx AiDIN, and the Alteryx Maveryx user community.
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