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Automated Insight Generation and Exploration

Focus on What Matters


Shortening the Distance from Data to Insight

With augmented analytics experiences and no-code analytic application capabilities, Automated Insight Generation and Exploration allows everyone to benefit from data and analytics. Whether you’re finding hidden trends in your data or enabling self-service analytics, Alteryx democratizes data and insights at scale.


Automated Insight Generation

  • Automatically discover insights for decision-makers, without building models or writing algorithms
  • Surface root causes or unexpected changes in seconds, to understand what drives critical metrics

Data Story Telling

  • Easily consume insights that are contextualized and explained in simple, clear natural language
  • Share easy to understand insights through automated data stories, regardless of data literacy

Analytic Apps

  • Build no-code applications based on datasets and workflows
  • Empower peers to quickly find, manage, understand, and access data and insights at scale

The Auto Insights Simulation: A Free, Personalized Interactive Demo

Anyone can experience limited Auto Insights functionality. In less than 5 minutes, you can take a spin through a Simulation of Auto Insights, experiencing features like Playbooks, Magic Documents, and What Caused This.


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