Revolutionizing Decision Making by Bringing Analytics to All

Businesses can no longer depend only on data analysts and data scientists to make sound data-driven decisions. All employees should have the ability to uncover insights for all decisions and all technologies throughout an organization, now more than ever before. The people of Alteryx believe passionately about helping users to discover breakthroughs and make better business decisions. From our founding in 1997 to our IPO in 2017 to today, our leadership team has been mission driven, values oriented and works hard to ensure our entire community of employees, customers, students, partners and users realize the power of data analytics.


Our Executives

Paula Hansen

President & Chief Revenue Officer

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Suresh Vittal

Chief Product Officer

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Jill Bone

Chief People Officer

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Chris Lal

Chief Legal Officer

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Dan Levy

Interim Chief Financial Officer

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Jirina Yates

Interim Chief Marketing Officer

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Trevor Schulze

Chief Information Officer

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Alan Jacobson

Chief Data and Analytics Officer

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Lucas Moody

Chief Information Security Officer

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Steve Brodrick

Chief Transformation Officer

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Digvijay Lamba

Chief Technology Officer

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Our Founders

Dean Stoecker

Co-Founder and Former Executive Chairman of the Board

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Olivia Duane Adams

Co-Founder and Former Chief Advocacy Officer

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Ned Harding

Founding Partner and Advisor

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