Marketing Analytics Software

Improve customer targeting, campaign response, and your marketing ROI.


Boost campaign performance

Perform sophisticated analytics to deepen customer insights and calculate ROI of marketing programs.

  • Blend all your marketing data in hours, not weeks
  • Segment and profile your customers to target prospects with the most potential
  • Improve campaign performance and promotional effectiveness

Why Better Analytics Improves Marketing Performance

According to Ventana Research, by 2024, 50% of marketing organizations will lack the skills needed to utilize all of their available data and analytics.



Wield your data like a pro

With Alteryx, you can aggregate all of your customer data across marketing systems to perform and automate analytic workflows that will help you reach your target audience with the right message at the right time on right channel.


Gymshark Earns Process Improvement of 37x Using Alteryx

Learn how Gymshark used advanced analytics in Alteryx to:

  • Select locations for pop-up events based on their target market
  • Track success of affiliates that advertise on Instagram across 131 countries
  • Generate weekly sales summary reporting
  • Analyze best performing products and markets

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Alteryx has not only saved us time, but has allowed us to recruit for new positions for people that don't have to have specific skills in coding or data-mining techniques.


Gemma Hulbert, Chief Data Officer


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