Marketing Analytics

Learn how to automate the cumbersome parts of your job, so you can get back to analyzing.

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Improve Customer Targeting, Campaign Response, and Your Marketing ROI

Marketing is all about attracting, retaining, and building profitable relationships with your customers, but how do you know which customers to target, which campaigns to run, and which marketing programs to invest in to get most return for your dollar?

Marketing Analytics Starter Kit from Alteryx & Tableau

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Marketing analytics from Alteryx empowers marketers to combine all relevant marketing, sales, and customer data, and perform sophisticated analytics to deepen customer insight and calculate ROI of marketing programs. Use marketing analytics from Alteryx to do the following.

  • Blend all your marketing data from social media,, marketing automation systems and more — in hours, not weeks
  • Segment and profile your customers to target prospects with the most potential
  • Improve campaign performance and promotional effectiveness with easy-to-use analytics including response modeling and A/B testing

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