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Perform sophisticated analytics for deeper insight

Improve customer targeting, campaign response, and your marketing ROI.

Eliminate the Guesswork

Perform sophisticated analytics to deepen customer insight and calculate ROI of marketing programs.
  • Blend all your marketing data in hours, not weeks
  • Segment and profile your customers to target prospects with the most potential
  • Improve campaign performance and promotional effectiveness

What I like most about Alteryx is the fact that when I ask for a change my team can actually make that change really quickly using Alteryx. It has made us more agile.

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Making Martech More Efficient with Analytic Automation

Learn how the role of the CMO is evolving, and why adopting data martech can save time and costs while adding significant value to your organization.

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Predicting Email Open Rate

Analyzing email open rates helps Marketing target and optimize campaigns. 

Alteryx Machine Learning
Data Science & Machine Learning
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Ventana Report: Why Better Analytics Improves Marketing Performance

To drive awareness, leads, and revenue, you need better analytics. But what exactly does “better analytics” mean? Find out.

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