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Perform sophisticated analytics for deeper insight

Improve customer targeting, campaign response, and your marketing ROI.

Eliminate the Guesswork

Perform sophisticated analytics to deepen customer insight and calculate ROI of marketing programs.
  • Blend all your marketing data in hours, not weeks
  • Segment and profile your customers to target prospects with the most potential
  • Improve campaign performance and promotional effectiveness

What I like most about Alteryx is the fact that when I ask for a change my team can actually make that change really quickly using Alteryx. It has made us more agile.

McLaren Race Car
Customer Story
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McLaren Racing fast tracks data analytics in the race to accelerate

McLaren Formula 1 team consolidates 11.8 billion data-points to maximize race performance.

Supply Chain
Analytics Leader
BI/Analytics/Data Science
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A graph on a laptop screen
Use Case

Product Telemetry Data Management

Consolidate telemetry data from multiple sources in multiple formats and distill the data into a data warehouse.

Information Technology
Alteryx Platform
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IT server
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Enterprise Data Consolidation

Create a single data repository that provides optimal data governance and availability across your organization

Energy & Utilities
Entertainment & Media
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