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Solving with Alteryx since 2019

Analytics, Reporting, and Geospatial

Automate Analytics, Reporting and Geospatial Analysis

Automate the analytics and location insights you need.

Chris S

Solving with Alteryx since 2019

Analytics / Reporting / Geospatial

Analytics automation supports many outcomes: Integrated or enriched data for enterprise applications, predictive models executed in a cloud data warehouse, native geospatial insights or reports in BI tools like Tableau, or triggered actions in operational systems and RPA bots.

Automated Analytics

  • Fuzzy Matching, Text Mining, Distribution Analysis and Demographic Insights are supported
  • Expand your analysis to include all types of structured and unstructured data
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  • From Spreadsheets, PDFs, Dashboards and Maps Alteryx makes reporting seamless
  • Share your insights across all major reporting and visualization platforms with native connectors
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Geospatial Analytics

  • Geo coding, heat maps, drive time calculations, street maps, and satellite images are supported
  • Alteryx can work directly with existing ESRI, GIS and other Geospatial datasets
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Digital Transformation at the US Census

Advanced analytics solution using satellite image analyses is digitally transforming data collection, analyses, and reporting processes for the U.S. Construction Indicator.
Apr 5 - 12
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The Office of Finance: Save Time with Automation

Accounting, auditing, and tax have tons of mundane and repeatable processes; about 26 hours per week are wasted on manual work in spreadsheets. So, why not automate these? Join the experts from Data Meaning to learn how to identify and create fast solutions for automating your job and freeing up your time to take care of real business.

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Analytics Automation
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How Data and Analytics are Changing Golf

Michelle Wie West discusses how analytics can be leveraged in sports and business.

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The 10 Top Sessions to Attend at Inspire 2023

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