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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

We’re building a culture where everyone feels welcome.


Diversity at Alteryx

At Alteryx, we recognize that each unique characteristic and perspective of our employees makes us stronger. To help everyone feel like they belong, we are dedicated to equitable hiring, ongoing self-reflection, meaningful DEIB initiatives, and providing education that empowers our employees.


Through strategic partnerships, we are sourcing the best talent regardless of background.


Internships and Returnships

We are investing in tomorrow’s workforce through strategic internships and returnships. Students in our internship program come from all walks of life and join Alteryx for a 12-week-long paid work experience. Our returnships are also available for individuals re-entering the workforce after any leave of absence.


Equity at Alteryx

We acknowledge and understand there’s a difference between equality and equity. We won’t rest until everyone is at the same starting line. While we invest in all our employees, we’re also implementing programs to uplift our marginalized populations, such as our SOAR program, a leadership program geared towards emerging women-identifying leaders.

Measuring Our Impact

Data is powerful. That’s why we use our analytics platform to measure and track important DEIB issues at Alteryx. Our pay equity and pay parity analytic process is available for free on our online Community.


Inclusion at Alteryx

Inclusion requires intentionality. At Alteryx, we are purposefully creating and fostering a community where everyone is included. To help employees feel seen and supported, we’ve launched multiple employee resource groups (ERGs), safe places where employees and their allies can connect based on shared characteristics or lived experiences. Below is a list of our current ERGs.


Educates members on ways to build a more sustainable future.


Empowers the LGBTQ+ community & their allies with visibility, support, and resources.


Promotes multi-faith understanding and the ability to practice one’s faith.

MOSAIC Multi-cultural

Fights inequality, educates about our differences, and honors our heritages.


Encourages caregivers and their advocates.


Shapes the future of Alteryx by helping develop and support every generation.

Women & Allies

Serves & supports women, including transgender, nonconforming, and nonbinary women, and their allies.

Veterans and Service

Connects those who have dedicated their lives to serving their country.


Celebrates individuality while encouraging mental and physical well-being.


Belonging at Alteryx

Belonging is the security and comfort one feels in being their full, authentic self. How well we do the “D”, “E,” and “I” directly affects our employees feeling like they belong. Our ultimate goal is a culture where everyone feels welcome.

Global Representation by Gender

As of 2023 year end, women make up 35.3% of the Alteryx workforce.


of all people leaders are women


of our tech roles are held by women


of our non-tech roles are held by women

US Representation by Race & Ethnicity















US Veteran and Disabled


Employees with a disability



  • The workforce diversity data is provided where permitted by applicable law and as self-reported by our workforce
  • Technical staff include product management, information technology, information security, enterprise applications, and data science roles
  • Non-technical staff include all employees whose roles are not considered technical
  • We define People Leaders as employees who have at least one full-time direct report

In addition, we voluntarily and publicly disclose our Employer Information Report (EEO-1), which can be accessed here. Please note that our self-disclosed employee information above may differ from the EEO-1 report due to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reporting requirements.


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