Financial Services Analytics 

Solve any financial services analytics business problem 

Develop an analytics strategy that identifies new opportunities to increase revenue, improve efficiencies and reduce risk. Automate repetitive analytic processes and deploy predictive models with or without coding.

Automate Your Analytics  

With automated analytics, financial services professionals can identify new opportunities, reduce churn, more easily comply with regulations, and meet ESG criteria.
  • Develop personalized offerings for customers and reduce churn
  • Mitigate risk and ensure personal data is governed and protected
  • Establish an analytics strategy and maintain a single source for collaborative cross-departmental analytics efforts

Customer Stories

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MUFG Bank Leverages Alteryx for Global Financial Crimes Compliance

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Customer Story

RCI Bank and Services Transforms Data Management with Alteryx and Drives Businesses Forward

BI/Analytics/Data Science
Efficiency Gains
Financial Services: Banking
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4 Lessons Learned from A Successful Data Democratization Initiative

Starting a data democratization project? Get four tips from someone who’s been there before.

Customer Success
Financial Services: Banking
Analytics Leader
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Use Case

Service and Support Operations Automated Insights

Give customer service teams fast and actionable insights and close every experience gap

Alteryx Auto Insights
Customer Success
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Transform Your Analytics

Get ready to unlock hidden insights in your data.