Financial Services

Improve Operational Efficiency for Higher Margins

The Financial Services Industry has changed forever. Recovery from the financial crisis has not come easy—capital requirements are higher, regulatory oversight is tighter and customers are savvier. To rebuild customer trust and ensure continued profitability with balanced portfolio risk, Financial Services analysts need deeper operational insight, and a near-perfect understanding of their customers and prospects.

Alteryx provides financial services institutions deeper insights through fast data preparation and blending, easier to use analytics and simple ways to share analytics with decision makers.

  • Access and blend all your data — structured and unstructured — to get one unified picture of the customer
  • Build analytical models quickly, in a drag and drop environment, to calculate risk and profitability potential of an asset, a customer, or a location
  • Provide analytic results to front-line personnel in time to empower decision-making

All of this is delivered in a repeatable workflow that helps maintain the transparency and consistency required for regulatory compliance.


Retail Banks & Credit Unions

Apply customer insight to offer relevant products and services, assess risk, and improve customer experience across channels. Utilize location intelligence to determine market potential, optimize branch and ATM network, and improve cash management. Maintain auditory trail to achieve compliance.


Capital Markets

Segment and service clients by profitability and life time value, fine-tune advisor network to ensure optimal market coverage, and calculate risk and profitability potential of assets and locations, to balance your risk-reward profile. Document the decision process for auditory transparency.



Calculate policy risk and predict future claims to optimize pricing, segment policy holders by claims and profitability potential to identify cross-sell/upsell targets, and assess local markets to maximize franchise development and dealer network expansion opportunities, ahead of competition.