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Business success depends on confident, data-backed choices. IT leaders like you can enable your organization with an analytics platform that delivers ease of use for business analysts without sacrificing security or scalability.

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How to build a modern data stack that people can actually use

By building a data stack that prioritizes simplicity, flexibility, and accessibility — while meeting your governance and security demands — you can enable your business to work more efficiently and effectively.


CIOs: Design a Data Stack that Reflects Your Leadership Style

Your data stack is about more than technology. It’s a reflection of the culture you’re building as an IT leader.


Driving Smarter Decisions with McLaren and Alteryx

See McLaren Racing Head of Commercial Technology Ed Green and Alteryx CIO Trevor Schulze in conversation on the power of the modern data stack and how Alteryx helped McLaren set a pit stop world record.


Real-World Transformation Stories

Customer Story
Alteryx Plays Key Role in New Stadium Data Strategy for Texas Rangers
The business operations team for the Texas Rangers uses Alteryx to enable accurate stadium operation predictions and real-time updates on game days.
  • Analytics Automation
  • Fanalytics
  • Analytics Leader
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Customer Story
Bank of America Transforms Regulatory Testing from Reactive to Real-Time
Bank of America built an automated data ecosystem with Designer Cloud for data engineering, Tableau, Qlik, and MicroStrategy for visual analytics.
  • Cloud Customer Spotlight
  • Analytics Leader
  • IT Professional
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