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Revenue Intelligence

Sales productivity. Forecast accuracy. Revenue growth.


Alteryx Analytics Cloud for Revenue Intelligence

Improve Sales Productivity

  • Identify and remove pipeline bottlenecks

  • Prioritize sales activities by impact on deal velocity and size

Increase Forecast Accuracy

  • Leverage deal-related intelligence from multiple systems

  • Turn forecasting into a consistent, transparent, automated process

Drive Revenue Growth

  • Manage pipeline with a 360-degree view of the customer, sales, and marketing activities

  • Maximize ROI with insights on marketing and sales programs’ influence on closed-won revenue

Sales Productivity

Enable your sales team with deeper pipeline analytics that isolate deal-level opportunities and risks.

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Forecast Accuracy

Get exact account and opportunity scoring from a greater diversity of signals and machine learning-driven predictions.

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Revenue Growth

Consolidate visibility across sales, marketing, success, and finance so you can set ambitious, achievable targets and align activities for maximum revenue generation.

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