Revenue Intelligence

Become an analytics-led revenue machine

Grow your business by optimizing and automating your sales team’s process and performance with all the relevant data.

Unprecedented Insights 

Improve your forecasting and planning by empowering your sales analysts to add predictive insight.

  • Improve sales forecasting and planning by blending relevant data

  • Optimize sales teams’ productivity by analyzing bottlenecks in the sales cycle to improve sales resource deployment

  • Build new revenue streams by aligning sales and marketing on the right customer profiles and targeted offers

With Alteryx, the physical, virtual, and race world data can be combined to create optimal efficiency and build the most performant race car possible.

Golf flag on green
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How Data and Analytics are Changing Golf

Michelle Wie West discusses how analytics can be leveraged in sports and business.

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The 10 Top Sessions to Attend at Inspire 2023

This year's Inspire 2023 event will feature many inspirational sessions, led by some of the most talented individuals in the industry.

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Mar 30
slalom democratization

Creating a Modern Culture of Analytics with Slalom

Special guest from Slalom and Alteryx CDAO Alan Jacobson lay out a clear, simple road map for building a successful culture of analytics.

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Workforce Upskilling
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