Jennifer Miller

Education Marketing Manager

Jennifer Miller was education marketing manager at Alteryx.

People Dec 13, 2022
SparkED Monthly Roundup: December 2022
This month's roundup of real stories from SparkED participants.
People Nov 16, 2022
SparkED Monthly Roundup: November
A monthly roundup of real stories from SparkED participants.
People Sep 7, 2022
KPMG MADA Program Teams with Alteryx SparkED
KPMG U.S., an industry leader in data-driven insights, is helping prepare the next generation of audit professionals through its Master of A...
People Sep 7, 2022
Age is Just a Number for Aspiring Data Analysts
Gopika Chudasama shares her journey into data analytics.
People Aug 18, 2022
Taking Data From Scrambled Eggs to a 5-Course Meal
Hear from SparkED student leader Nicolas Cajamarca on how data can become exceptionally valuable if the right tools are available.
People Aug 18, 2022
Making the Case for Data Literacy in Schools
Tax professional Jennifer Snow is passionate about Alteryx and has become an advocate for adopting data literacy in schools.
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