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Qlik Qonnections 2016

Alteryx is a silver sponsor at Qonnections and we are excited to spend three awesome days showing Qlik users how we can make their life easier when it comes to working with data. Alteryx Analytics, the leading platform for self-service data analytics, provides analysts with the unique ability to easily prepare and analyze all of their data using a repeatable workflow, then deploy and share analytics at scale for deeper insights in hours, not weeks.

See an amazing demo during our industry session on Wednesday May 4th at 3pm. Learn how Alteryx and Bardess revolutionizes visual analytics in Qlik by creating a dynamic solution that utilizes spatial analytics for financial services.

Also, make sure to stop by our booth #802. See you at Qlik Qonnections!

Alteryx User Group: Dallas

The Dallas Alteryx User Group invites you to attend our second meeting of the year. The topic of this meeting is “Tips and Tricks,” featuring Margarita Wilshire, Team Lead, Customer Service at Alteryx. We will also be showcasing Alteryx tips and tricks from you, our Dallas Alteryx users! If you have a tip or trick you would like to share, please email Deanna Sanchez at

Alteryx has selected the Dallas User Group to be featured in the Inspire 2016 Opening Keynote Speech by Alteryx Chairman and CEO, Dean Stoecker. A film crew will be at this User Group meeting and you’ll have the option to have a small part in the keynote. Lunch will be provided.

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Alteryx User Group: Nashville

Atmalogy, 2320 West End Avenue, Nashville, TN

Join the Nashville Alteryx User Group for their first meeting! This event will be an informal networking event to get to know other Alteryx users in the area. Alteryx User Groups enable peers to connect, share best practices, and improve skill sets that help maximize their potential with Alteryx.


5:00pm-5:30pm: Welcome, Meet & Greet and Introductions
5:30pm-6:00pm: Open Forum to tell your story about Alteryx
6:00pm-6:30pm: Discussion on what everyone would like from the User Group going forward
6:30pm-7:00pm: Closing Remarks & Networking

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Alteryx User Group: Ft. Myers-Naples

Join the Ft. Myers/Naples Alteryx User Group for our first meeting! Attend to start networking with peers, exchange ideas, and improve skill sets that will help maximize your potential with Alteryx. We are excited to meet you and hope that you'll bring your friends and encourage your co-workers to join us!

6:00pm-6:30pm: Meet & Greet
6:30pm-6:50pm: Presentation by VeraData
6:50pm-7:20pm: Open Forum to tell your story around Alteryx
7:20pm-7:50pm: Discussion on what everyone would like from the User Group going forward
7:50pm-8:00pm: Closing Remarks

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Get to Business Insights Quicker with In-Database Blending

Live Webcast: 9am PT | 12pm ET

Analysts in Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations have to prepare and analyze data quickly to answer important business questions. Time spent blending data takes away from time spent analyzing and acting on it. Analysts need an easier way to work with data in a database in order to quickly go from data blending to producing insights.

Join our webinar and see how to:

  • Prepare your data in 1/10th of the time, and automate the process for ongoing updates
  • Utilize a drag-and-drop interface that does not require SQL coding to prepare, blend, and analyze data
  • Push the processing steps into the database rather than pulling the entire dataset to the processing location

See how you can leverage the power of Alteryx and Microsoft Azure Data Platform to perform in-database blending to get to business insights quicker.


Ron Ortloff, Senior Program Manager - Microsoft
Dan Ganancial, Alliance Marketing Manager - Alteryx
Gene Rinas, Senior Solutions Engineer - Alteryx

Self-Service Analytics Workshop: Oklahoma City

Join InterWorks and Alteryx for this free seminar and hands-on workshop to learn how self-service analytics empowers data analysts and other line of business users to prep, blend and analyze data to make faster, more informed decisions.

Learn how you can:

  • Connect to and cleanse data from spreadsheets, data warehouses, cloud applications, and more
  • Easily join data from multiple sources, and repeat the process on demand using new data
  • Perform predictive, statistical, and spatial analytics using an intuitive user interface, without writing code

The practical, educational and networking benefits of attending this event will help you advance your career and enable your organization with better decision making through self-service data analytics.

Alteryx User Group: Richmond

Join the Richmond Alteryx User Group for their first meeting! This event will be an informal networking event to get to know other Alteryx users in the area. Alteryx User Groups enable peers to connect, share best practices, and improve skill sets that help maximize their potential with Alteryx.

3:30pm-3:45pm: Welcome, Meet & Greet and Introductions
3:45pm-4:15pm: Open Forum to tell your story about Alteryx
4:15pm-4:45pm: Discussion on what everyone would like from the User Group going forward
4:45pm-5:00pm: Closing Remarks & Networking

Join us after the meeting at The Answer Brewpub for additional networking and happy hour!

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RAV workshop: Introduktion till Alteryx

Välkommen till en handfast introduktion i marknadens bästa verktyg för Data Blending och Advanced Analytics - ALTERYX.

Ta chansen stilla din nyfikenhet och få en gratis inblick i hur enkelt det kan vara att på egen hand arbeta med Data Preparation och Predictive Analytics.

Deltagare får i praktiken en gratis första utbildning i Alteryx. Dessutom kommer du kunna fortsätta att kostnadsfritt använda Alteryx i två veckor efter workshopen. Med dig har du även resultatet av dina egna insatser under workshopen som du kan använda i Tableau, MS-Excel eller QlikView.

Vi startar klockan 13.00 och håller på till klockan 16.00. 

Utbildningen hålls på din egen utrustning med hjälp av utvärderingslicenser som du laddar ner från

Detta är en kostnadsfri marknadsaktivitet som snabbt brukar bli fullbokad. Anmäl dig därför snarast. I den mån aktiviteten blir överbokad, förbehåller vi oss rätten att avboka konkurrenter och branschkollegor. 
Micael Jonsson jobbar som produktspecialist och konsult med Alteryx och Tableau på RAV Sverige. Han har varit verksam inom IT-branchen i drygt 18 år och haft positioner som presale, konsult och utbildare inom business intelligence, data warehousing och data integration.
Alteryx är den ledande programvaran för datainsamling och avancerad analys. Med sina intuitiva och visuella arbetsflöden kan ny kunskap erhållas inom timmar – med traditionella verktyg skulle det ta flera veckor. Allt sker utan en enda rad programmering, oavsett om det är stora datamängder, tvätt, write-back eller prediktiv analys.

Webinar: Why People Analytics is the Perfect Partner for HR Professionals right now!

Live Webcast: 2pm BST

As globalisation increases competition for human talent, many HR leaders are having to answer more complex and challenging questions that have an economic issue at their core rather than the traditional ‘personnel’ type issues. This webinar is designed to provide insights into how HR departments can move from cost focused centres to revenue and profit generating engines for their businesses, enabling soft-skills to be blended with hard-facts to make smarter decisions and measurable results.

Join this webinar to find out how to:

  • Identify the best talent for the right roles in the right locations to produce the best results whilst also retaining them in the company
  • Maximise the motivation, engagement and productivity of the middle 60% who have the biggest opportunity to impact to impact on results
  • Have the ability to balance soft-skills with hard facts to ensure smarter decisions are made across the business
  • Tap into a global talent pool by breaking down mobility and boundary issues
  • Use economic data to help make strategic decisions


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