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Tableau Conference

Tableau Conference

Alteryx will be in booth #127. In the booth Alteryx will provide scheduled theater sessions each day covering key analytics applications such as Multi-channel Analysis, Predictive A/B Testing, Retail Location Selection, and others. See demonstrations, hear from customers and partners, and learn how you can use Alteryx to create richer visualizations faster, and get your free Visual Analytics Kit.

Why have over 170 customers chosen to use Alteryx with Tableau? Visit our Tableau page to see demos, customer testimonials, and more.


Alteryx Session

What: Alteryx Session
Using Alteryx to Blend Rich Data for Tableau: Featuring Ingersoll Rand

Session Details
See why over 170 companies are using Alteryx and Tableau — reducing the time to prepare data by over 90%, improving the performance of their visualizations, and getting access to new information and insights they never dreamed possible. Michael Nealey will discuss how Ingersoll Rand is using Alteryx and Tableau run their Customer Experience Program — cutting the time to process surveys, blending data to provide deeper insights, and providing drag and drop predictive analytics to perform linear regressions, highlighting key customer service attributes, and outputting the results directly to Tableau.
When: Tuesday, September 9: 11:15-12:15
Where: Room 612
Who: Michael Nealey, Ingersoll Rand
Brian Dirking, Alteryx




Alteryx Lunch Lab

Alteryx will deliver two lunch lab sessions, enabling data analysts to follow along on demonstrations of how to quickly create the exact data set they need for visualizations with deep analytical context at a low cost.

To get the product and examples needed for this session, visit the Alteryx booth (#127) to get The Visual Analytics Kit.

What: Alteryx Lunch Lab
Faster Data Blending and Better Visualizations

Lab Details
Come see why so many Tableau users are using Alteryx for data blending and advanced analytics! Customers love how Alteryx is reducing their data preparation time from weeks to hours, and enabling business users to create sophisticated predictive and geo-spatial analytics quickly. Alteryx provides direct output to the Tableau TDE file format, so you can update your data at the click of a button, and re-apply all your data clean up and blending work every time your data changes. Come see how in this hands-on lab, and walk away with a trial copy of Alteryx, sample analytical workflows and Tableau visualizations.
When: Lunch Lab #1 — Tuesday, September 9: 12:30 - 1:30. SOLD OUT
Lunch Lab #2 — Thursday, September 11: 12:00 - 1:00. SOLD OUT
There will be a line outside to take seats with no-shows.
Where: Room 3AB
Who: Cailin Swingle, Alteryx




The Visual Analytics Kit USB drive

Alteryx will also offer the updated Alteryx Visual Analytics Kit for Tableau on a USB drive. The updated kit includes more data blending and analytical applications including Survey Analytics, Multi-channel Analysis, Predictive A/B Testing, Retail Location Selection, and others. These analytics applications launch a set of stunning Tableau visualizations. With Alteryx Trial Edition included in the kit, you will be able to see the underlying analytics flows, and to modify those flows to use incorporate own data. The kit will also feature these special offers:

  • A free app that automates Tableau Server updates from Alteryx, courtesy of The Information Lab
  • Free behavioral and segmentation data from Experian and a 20% discount on the premier data bundle if you upgrade to a full version of Alteryx
  • Free social media analytics data from DataSift
  • Example Financial workflows and visualizations from USEReady
  • Examples of the Marketing Accelerator from Slalom Consulting
  • Free offers from Pluto7, Teknion and InterWorks

Get the Visual Analytics Kit at the Alteryx booth (#127)




Alteryx Theater Schedule

Monday, Sept 8 WELCOME RECEPTION 5-8 pm  
5:00 PM Data Blending for Tableau Jimmy Garrett, Alteryx
5:30 PM Ingersoll Rand: Data Blending and Survey Analytics Michael Nealey, Ingersoll Rand
6:00 PM Simplifying Survey Data Preparation for Tableau Gene Rinas, Alteryx
6:30 PM Updating Tableau Server from Alteryx Craig Bloodworth*, The Information Lab
7:00 PM Predicting Our Best Customers with Alteryx and Tableau Naveen Jain, First Tech Federal Credit Union and Manju Devadas, Pluto7
7:30 PM Swimming in Your Data, Let Teknion Throw You a Line Jonathan Agee, Teknion Data Solutions
Tuesday, Sept 9 7:00 - 8:30 AM | 11:15 - 1:30 PM | 2:45 - 3:15 PM
7:00 AM Data Blending for Tableau Cailin Swingle, Alteryx
7:30 AM 5 Minutes To Save 5 Hours - Data Blending in Alteryx Chris Love**, The Information Lab
8:00 AM Slalom Consulting's Marketing Effectiveness Accelerator Ken Burgos, Slalom Consulting
11:15 AM Alteryx Session: Room 612 Brian Dirking, Alteryx and Michael Nealey, Ingersoll Rand
12:30 PM Alteryx Lunch Lab: Room 3AB Cailin Swingle, Alteryx
2:45 PM Simplifying Survey Data Preparation for Tableau Ali Sayeed, Alteryx
Wednesday, Sept 10 7:00 - 8:30 AM | 12:00 - 1:30 PM | 2:45 - 3:15 PM
7:00 AM Home or Away? The Effect of Travel Times on NFL Teams Dan Murray*, InterWorks
7:30 AM Data Blending for Tableau Anthony Johnson, Alteryx
12:00 PM Blending Social and Your Customer Data for Tableau Tim Shea, DataSift
12:30 PM Get a More Complete Customer Picture Anna Brantley, Experian
2:45 PM Preparing Survey Data for Tableau, Automatically Gene Rinas, Alteryx
Thursday, Sept 11 7:00 - 8:30 AM | 12:00 - 1:30 PM
7:00 AM Financial Industry Analytics Saikat Maitra, USEReady
7:30 AM Polygons, Mapping and Spatial analytics Dan Magnus, Alteryx
12:00 PM Alteryx Lunch Lab: Room 3AB Jimmy Garrett, Alteryx
1:15PM Simplifying Survey Data Preparation for Tableau Gene Rinas, Alteryx


*Tableau Zen Master
**Alteryx Ace


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