The world of data analytics is changing rapidly for the better… …there’s a fundamental shift in how people can see and use their data.

- Stephen McDaniel, Author & Data Architect at Tableau

Great Company. Great Product. Great Customer Service”                                                                                                    

- Mike Hattub, COO at AnalyticsIQ 

Alteryx helps us deliver that last mile by doing integration and rapid application development, and integrating into the new visualization tools that our customers are going to need.

- Scott Gnau, President at Teradata Labs

I downloaded a trial and within 5 minutes a process that would’ve taken me 25 minutes under our old architecture took less than 5 seconds, that’s when I knew I was onto something.

- Michael Barone, Predictive Modeling Analyst at Paychex

If I were to design a tool to do my job, I would’ve designed it just like Alteryx.                                                     

- Roger Northup, Development Market Analyst at Michaels

With Alteryx we will be able to dig deeper into our customer transaction data and find out more about our customers…on a store-by-store basis and a household-by-household basis.

- John LeTourneux, Senior Analyst at Kroger

It can do the data preparation, it can do the analytics, it can do the reporting, it can do the spatial (the mapping side of it), it can do basically everything, and it’s end-to-end.

- Mike Jacobs, SVP Segmentation at Equifax

Alteryx is intuitive and interactive… took under 60 seconds to get the same output that took hours before.

- David Algranati , SVP Product Innovation and Custom Research at Rentrak

Most people don’t need to be writing code here in the 21st century, especially people who are integrated into the business.

- Greg Bucko, Manager of Customer Insight at Southern States


What I like best about Alteryx is the ability to put my thoughts on a blank canvas and solve complex business problems.

- Patrick Emmanuel , Senior Statistical Analyst at TBC