Videos & Podcasts

Videos & Podcasts

Big Data NYC 2013 - theCUBE

George Mathew, President & COO Featured on Silicon Angle on 29 October 2013

Strata 2012

George Mathew, President & COO with Dave Vellante: The Cube - Strata-Hadoop World 2012

Rick Schultz, SVP Marketing Interviewed at Strata Conference + Hadoop World 2012

Humanizing Big Data with Alteryx

Watch the 2-minute video to see how Alteryx gives access to Big Data to the people who drive decisions and analytics, the data and business analysts in every business unit. Learn how Alteryx makes it easy to integrate this data with the rest of the data available to help make decisions, and then provides powerful but accessible analytics to help drive decision making.

Rick Schultz, SVP Marketing. Humanizing Big Data with Alteryx

Industry Insights

Learn insights from Alteryx executives on how to easily enable a Data Artisan for data-driven strategic decisions, leverage Big Data to drive more value, and rapidly and easily build analytic applications for immediate answers to your strategic business questions.

What is a Data Artisan?

Are you a Data Artisan? Watch this short video to learn why the Data Artisan is critical to organizations in this next decade of Strategic Analytics, and how you can easily become one, or bring one into your organization to quickly enable powerful, data-driven strategic decisions.

Leverage Big Data

How do you define Big Data in today's data-driven world? View this video to learn how Alteryx defines Big Data and how your company can use Big Data as an opportunity to drive more value out of the company through analytics.

Strategic Analytics

Quickly and easily build an analytic app and answer your strategic business questions with the help of predictive analytics. Learn how to get your important business questions answered in a matter hours or days, verses traditional information flow of weeks or months with Strategic Analytics from Alteryx.

Location Intelligence

Everything that happens in business happens somewhere. What does that mean in the context of Location Intelligence? Watch this video to learn how spatial consideration should be a part of any analytics process - not just mapping, but including deeper insights around location.

Inspire 2012 On-Demand Videos

We hope you were able to join us this year for our 12th annual agile BI and analytics conference! From informative keynotes and the exhilarating Alteryx Grand Prix, to hands-on training and a game-changing launch of Alteryx 7.0, our customers and partners taught as much as they learned.

Alteryx Chairman & CEO, Dean Stoecker, welcomes and addresses conference attendees at this year's Inspire 2012: The Agile BI and Analytics Conference.

Welcome & Opening

Alteryx CCO, Olivia Duane Adams leads an executive panel discussion with leaders from Experian, SuperValu, and Forrester Research.

Executive Panel Discussion: Introductions
Executive Panel Discussion: Part I
Executive Panel Discussion: Part II
Executive Panel Discussion: Part III

Alteryx talks analytics with Forrester Research, Inc.’s Boris Evelson

Learn how Senior Forrester Research Analyst, Boris Evelson, sees the changing landscape of the Business Intelligence and Analytics marketplace evolving over the next year as he answers questions put to him by Alteryx President & COO, George Mathew. Hear Boris explain the most recent Forrester insights into these market questions:

What is Agile BI, and is this new approach to an established practice Evolutionary or Revolutionary?

How is the role of the Data Artisan growing and changing in light of this new approach?

What are the changing requirements for managing Data in terms of types, size, and throughput?

Explain how corporate goals like a) Doing more with less and b) Moving pre-packaged solutions to the cloud relate to Agile BI?

What is the Alteryx perspective on these marketplace changes?