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Alteryx Analytics 10.5
Empowering Analysts with Self-Service Data Analytics

Alteryx Analytics 10.5 empowers analysts to access, prepare and blend data from diverse datasets, while driving self-service data analytics across the organization. With features that address the needs of the line of business analyst, Alteryx Analytics 10.5 removes insight bottlenecks, enables analysts to easily create new insights, and simplifies the building of complex analytics.

Alteryx Analytics 10.5 adds the capability for you to:

Access, prep and blend information from cloud and big data sources.
The full value of these data sources is now easily accessible to all analysts, and data can be combined with information from other sources without writing any code.

  • Access and incorporate data from Amazon Aurora with external datasets
  • Prep and blend data directly inside Apache Hive and Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse without HQL or SQL coding for fast analytics
  • Enhance the scope of your analysis with data from Google Sheets, Adobe Analytics, and for new insights

Alteryx Designer 10.5 FeaturesShare and scale analytics easily.
Remove insight bottlenecks to empower everyone to make data-driven decisions without compromising data governance.

  • Provide a seamless transition from standardized analytic output to visual exploration for your entire organization through enhanced integration between Alteryx and Tableau
  • Offload data preparation, blending, and analytics as secure, customizable apps on Alteryx Server to empower everyone with self-service data analytics

Expand the community of business analysts.
Speed time to insights and building of complex analytics for all analysts across geographies.

  • Enable analysts of all skill levels with new, multi-language — French, German and English — analytic tool examples that drive faster data cleansing and preparation
  • Create spatial insights on a global scale with new international geocoding and data for Brazil, Europe, New Zealand and United Kingdom/Ireland

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Current Alteryx customers can get more details and upgrade to Alteryx Analytics 10.5 immediately. If you would like to try Alteryx Designer with your own data, you can download a free 14-day trial.

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