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A small percentage of analysts rate their current data analysis software as effective; in fact, most analysts say they spend the vast majority of their time cleaning and preparing data. That means less time is spent for actual analysis. How do analysts get the best data analysis software to help them reduce the data preparation time and focus more time on analysis and reporting? Alteryx delivers self-service data analysis directly into the hands of analysts, empowering them to take advantage of every step in the analytic process.

Key Alteryx features include:

  • Prepare, blending and analyze data in a drag and drop environment
  • 60+ tools for spatial and predictive analytics to improve outcomes
  • Repeatable workflows to speed up analytic insight
  • Output to the leading visualization tools like Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau, and Qlik

Alteryx understands the challenges analysts face and provides a solution. Try self-service data analysis software for free.