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Alan Jacobson

Chief Data and Analytics Officer

Written By Alan Jacobson

Crane lifting cargo into boats

Modern-Day Analytic Automation

Let's explore a classic supply chain challenge and illustrate the value of optimizing your supply chain with modern-day analytic automation.


Trees with spray painted question marks

Data Tells the Truth … or Does It?

Two analysts walk into a bar with the same question and come out with different answers. Who’s telling the truth? See how to get to a single version of the truth and get your analysts speaking the same language. 


Two people standing against blue background

Will Analytics Help Reduce Our Biases or Amplify Them?

This year has brought the challenges of racism and biases into full light.

Analytics can be leveraged to help reduce and eliminate biases from processes, but only if the humans who are creating the solution work toward that end and understand how bias is getting into the process in the first place.

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Introducing Analytic Process Automation 

Meet the all-in-one supercharged analytics machine, that leverages accessibility, optimizes processes and empowers your organization to perform advanced analytics.