Preferred Partners

Preferred Partners
Preferred Partners


ActinVision offers expertise in the implementation of Business Intelligence solutions for businesses and public services of all sizes. Benefitting from over 10 years’ experience in the field, Actinvision’s founders are united in their ambition to provide high-level Business Intelligence expertise, along with packaged innovative solutions that meet current and future needs of general and business managers.

AE Business Solutions

AE Business Solutions is a leading IT Integration and Consulting Company serving enterprise organizations throughout the Midwest. Our mission is to provide our clients with the right combination of information technology and people to deliver innovative solutions that create a competitive advantage for their organization. Our Business Intelligence & Analytics Center of Excellence provides a foundation for insight and analysis into data, enabling our clients to explore, analyze, predict and be competitive amongst their peers.


ASTRAFOX helps people understand data by delivering IT services and business solutions including Tableau and Alteryx. We provide whole reporting solutions, through data strategy planning, architecture designing, warehouse implementation, custom training and workshops as well as advanced analysis in R. We use tableau for Data visualization and Alteryx for advanced data preparation. We have over 100 implementations in Poland, in sectors like telco, retail, media. Working with data is our passion. We share knowledge on Polish Tableau blog and by performing lectures on different Polish universities.


Passionate about integrity and excellence, Billigence Pty Ltd, delivers market-leading Business Intelligence and CRM solutions through a talented team of skilled professionals.

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, and with offices in Europe, Singapore and USA, Billigence is ready and equipped to take the thinking out of rethinking data solutions for the companies who see the potential of knowing and understanding their data within this data revolution era.

Blue Reply GmbH

BLUE REPLY is a company specialised in Consulting and IT Services. Blue Reply advises and implements sustainable solutions for its clients in the fields of Data Warehousing, BI, Big Data and Digital Transformation using Data-Driven Architectures, Process Automation, Advanced and Cognitive Analytics, Data Lakes and Enterprise Platforms based on technologies from leading manufacturers such as IBM, Alteryx, Tableau and Automation Anywhere. Blue Reply is part of the Reply Group: You can reach the Alteryx team at Reply directly via [email protected]

Danta Analytics

Danta Analytics is a company with a team of professionals with experience in Data Science and Business Intelligence in the Americas. We help companies drive their decision making throughout innovating and automated solutions. Our professionals have expertise in Banking, Retail and other industries. We empower companies grow in their Analytics path with training, consulting and the best tools.

Danta Analytics es una compañía con un equipo de profesionales con experiencia en Ciencia de datos e Inteligencia de Negocios en Las Américas. Ayudamos a las compañías en sus tomas de decisiones mediante soluciones innovadoras y automatizadas. Nuestros profesionales tienen experiencia en la industria Bancaria, Retail entre otras. Empoderamos a las compañías en madurar en Analytics mediante capacitación, consultoría y las mejores herramientas.


In the past industries and countries were built on resources extracted from deep underground. Data is now the new resource. Organisations already have masses of data locked deep in their systems. They now need to start deriving value from that data.  The companies that adopt this attitude and drive a data-driven culture that underpins decision making will be leaders in their field. Dimago makes all this corporate data easily accessible and discoverable to assist people in better decision making. We look for innovative and disruptive technologies in the data and analytics space to ensure that corporates have the technology available to extract and make sense of data quickly. Alteryx plays a pivotal role in this delivery as it is an easy to use platform allowing business users, citizen scientists and data scientists to extract value from data within an organisation without the need for lengthy code based development cycles.


equalOne is a regional finance-oriented consultancy services company focusing on Enterprise SAP applications, Data and Analytics. Established in Singapore in 2010, equalOne has project implementation experiences across Asia Pacific as well as North America, focusing on Enterprise Applications, Budgeting and Consolidation and Reporting for industries such as the Real Estate, Manufacturing, Telco, Public sector, Maritime & Shipping, Hospitality and Services sector. More information available on our home page at


We are BI & Data Analytics Experts and We understand your challenges with data!

Ereteam is a leading IT and consulting services organization in Turkey and USA. Providing Big Data Analytics and Business Optimization solutions in Banking, Insurance, Retail, Telco, Pharma, Travel and Logistics and Public sectors.

One-stop-shop for all corporate Data & Analytics needs. We always challenge our team to find most innovative ways and disruptive technologies to solve business problems of our customers. We are working with best-in-class software organizations to help our clients with not only providing software tools and also providing proven industry best practices, delivering technical implementation, official training and post production support.

Largest organizations are trusting Ereteam in very large deployments of BI, Big Data, Budgeting Planning & Forecasting, Omni-Channel Campaign Management, Advanced Analytics and Optimization, Data Management and Quality, and Digital Transformation projects. Our customers know that we always find a smarter solutions to their business issues.

Our mission is assisting to organizations for increasing their revenue, reducing costs, mitigating risks, increasing productivity and improving customer management.

Ereteam helps to mid size to large organizations in Turkey, Kazakhstan, USA, MEA and CEE.


Icimo is a software and services company obsessed with getting clients to use their data. We help both established and high growth organizations leverage their existing data to consistently grow their business. We believe when you empower users to take action on their data, you transform the business. As an Alteryx and Tableau Software Partner we work to deliver insights that drive smart business decisions.

ITG Analytics

ITG designs and builds strategies and solutions to help our customers with advanced analytics.

Headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil, ITG was founded in 1986 by experienced IT Consultants that specialized in implementing and developing solutions tailored to their customers. In 2014, ITG formed a partnership with Alteryx through ITG-Analytics.

Our industry focus helps ITG-Analytics professionals develop a understanding of our clients' businesses and the resources required to address industry-specific issues and opportunities.


itPerforma es una compañía dedicada a soportar y asesorar a las empresas en busca de explotar eficientemente su información para ser más productivos, encontrar respuestas, causas y oportunidades de negocio dentro del resultado de su operación.

Knowledge Management Solutions

Knowledge Management Solutions is one of the most experienced implementation specialists of Business Intelligence, Analytics and Big Data solutions in Asia Pacific. Since our inception in 2004, we have worked with close to 500 customers and serviced more than 10,000 users regionally and globally. Headquartered in Singapore, we have an exceptional regional knowledge and presence with offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

We empower our client companies to:

  • Gain access to the right information at the right time -anytime and from anywhere.
  • Get actionable insights into their data and improve decision making.
  • Become more agile by responding faster to opportunities and foreseeing crises.


LARKinfolab is a data analytics consultancy firm based in The Netherlands. Our goal is to help our clients to transform data into knowledge enabling informed decision making. Our team consists of data engineers, data scientists and information designers who work together to create the best possible information products. We are also official partner for QLIK Business Intelligence.

M2 Technology & Project Consulting

M2 provides professional services in business intelligence and big data analytics using state-of-the-art technology. Besides our Alteryx expertise, we are the first and most experienced Tableau consulting partner to come out of Germany and partner with vendors of analytical databases to help you plan, implement and maintain analytical solutions from end-to-end and provide professional services in project management, technology and quality management.

Perfect Image

Perfect Image specialise in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence and have been providing IT solutions since 1991. As one of the most technically capable Qlik Partners in the UK we offer end to end enterprise solutions that are focused on helping organisations make better data-driven decisions. We have invested in best of breed products such as Alteryx and Qlik and offer industry leading services for consultancy, service delivery, service desk and training.

Sense BI

Sense BI is a leading company, which expertise is the Analytics domain. Sense BI focuses on Advanced analytics with regards to predictive analytics, machine learning and AI as a whole, as well as Leading the Israeli market in Business Discovery platforms, and the combination of Business Discovery and Advanced Analytics. Sense BI's focus is on highly qualitative timely delivered and cost-effective BI solutions and its team of professionals consists more than 100 Analytics experts.


Headquartered in Singapore, SIFT Analytics Group has been a leading provider of enterprise software solutions since 1999, delivering a comprehensive business solutions portfolio based upon enterprise and award winning technology. Our solution suite includes Predictive Analytics, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Planning & Budgeting, Enterprise Marketing Management and Enterprise Content Management. With a strong presence across ASEAN, our solutions work seamlessly to give organizations clear, immediate and actionable insights into current performance and the ability to predict future outcomes for effective planning.

Solutive Oy

Solutive is committed to make data visible, understandable and beneficial. We help our customers to get the most out of their data and benefit from it in the business. Our focus is on customer needs and we build our offering to meet those needs by combining cutting edge visual and advanced analytics technology, services and expertise together.


STelligence Company Limited is a reseller and professional service provider for Big Data Analytics, Self-Service Analytics, Self-Service BI and Self-Service Machine Learning. We offer world class products along with experience in IT & business of more than 15 years. We provide our customers with a complete range of services including consultancy, design & analysis, support & maintenance, education, and professional services. STelligence delivers a variety of solutions such as Business Dashboards, Business Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Operation Dashboards and Unstructured Data Analytics to large enterprise, telco, and FSI customers. With our guidance and support, our customers are gaining competitive advantages, implementing more efficient processes, and delivering actionable business and IT decisions to the enterprise.

Team Computers

Team Computers is one of the fastest growing technology companies in India with 1100+ members serving more than 1800+ clients in 255+ cities. With a talented pool of architects, consultants and developers, Team Computers brings an edge to BI engagements by providing consulting, implementation and support to large BI engagements. Our services include architecture and design, large data management, data modeling and advanced analytics.

Tridant Pty Ltd

Tridant Asia is the leading data analytics and performance management consulting organization across Asia Pacific.

We help you find the data that matters, and then distill, analyze, manage, and learn from it to make better business decisions. No matter where you’re at with your business performance management or data analytics strategy, we can jump in with best-in-class practices, processes, and tools to get you moving in the right direction.

Tridant builds on its unique expertise as a leader in consulting services for finance, sales, marketing and operations. We can help with the optimization of analytical models and processes, provide insights for better decisions, as well as either a hands-on or guided end-to-end implementation of a complete data analytics solution. We tailor the solutions to your needs, leveraging and customizing existing models where applicable.

WIT Inc.

WIT is a Business Intelligence consulting firm, headquartered in Troy, Michigan. WIT specializes in traditional data warehouse, reporting, and dashboard development projects, along with more contemporary subject areas like Big Data, Data Discovery, Predictive Analytics, and Unstructured Data. Clients range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies across all major industries.

Woodmark Consulting AG

With over 500 projects Woodmark is THE partner of choice for Business Analytics and Big Data. Our service portfolio covers conception and implementation of Predictive Analytics, Data Preparation, Data Discovery, Data Analytics (especially Tableau), Planning and Information systems as well as Data Integration, Data Quality, Data Warehouse and Big Data projects.

YBS Analytics

Here at YBS Analytics we love data and solving the challenges it presents. You have strategic business objectives that we want to help you achieve. Work with us to assist you with delivering data driven solutions to your business.   We hold the expertise in implementing Alteryx's portfolio of products to solve complex data problems while delivering valuable training and consulting to empower you to uncover meaningful insights!