Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform

Unified end-to-end analytics in the cloud.

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Meet Ana the Analyst

She’s been asked to gather data and generate new insights on her company’s customer intelligence initiative for a meeting with the leadership team in one hour, but data is everywhere!


Access Insights from Data Any Time, Anywhere

Luckily, she has access to Alteryx Analytics Cloud, an analytics automation platform that can combine multiple data sources quickly, prepare her data for analysis, and enable collaboration across teams.


Get a boost from Generative AI

Ana can call on AiDIN, the Alteryx AI engine that infuses the power of Machine Learning and Generative AI across the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform, to help her quickly generate text-based content, create predictions from data, and get recommendations of the best next steps to make her analysis faster and easier than ever.


From 2 days to 20 minutes

While Ana’s organization operates in the cloud, sometimes she needs to analyze data stored on-premise. Ana can access this data easily with Alteryx Designer and Server. She’ll need to run these reports again, so she automates her analytics processes, saving the team tons of time.


See Around the Corners

Now, Ana goes the extra mile by projecting anticipated results from different analytics scenarios. With Alteryx Machine Learning, she can quickly build a predictive model with no coding required. She immediately spots some surprising insights that she thinks will bring new opportunities for the company.


Empower Everyone with Insights

The last step is to create and distribute these new insights. Alteryx Auto Insights automatically detects patterns in data and allows her to generate presentation-ready reports. She doesn’t even need to preconfigure a dashboard; she just loads the data, and it goes.


Insights that Enable Decision Intelligence

Not only does Ana provide her leadership with insights to make data-driven decisions that impact the bottom line, she also helps her colleagues across the company learn how to use analytics to make their own discoveries. Because Ana knows: When we empower everyone, we can solve anything.

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