8 Areas of Your Supply Chain That Can Create Growth Right Now


Analytics can’t unload a cargo ship stuck at sea, hire more driver, or solve every problem cause by a pandemic and disruption.

But they can help you adapt in real-time to shifting customer demand caused by pandemics and disruption.

This eBook provides 8 areas of your supply chain where you can create growth right now, and the use cases to back it up.

The 8 areas include:

  • Forecasting Demand
  • Evaluating Performance
  • Deploying Prescriptive Forecasts
  • Increasing Organizational Visibility
  • Ensuring Forecast Accuracy and Optimal Inventories
  • Reducing Markdowns, Out-of-Stocks, and Returns
  • Identifying Which Machines Require Service
  • Incorporating On-Machine Data

Create growth in disruption. Apply automation to your toughest challenge.


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Sales increased 5 percent and out of stocks decreased by 39 percent.

8 Areas of Your Supply Chain That Can Create Growth Right Now


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