Metadata Management

Easily source, centralize, enrich, and publish metadata with Alteryx

Are You Harnessing the Data About Your Data?

Your data sources contain masses of metadata that can be unlocked from field types, to custom objects, to whole schemas.  While analytics contain metadata like business terms, report definitions, workflows and more. Harnessing and managing it all accelerates analytics initiatives and improves consistency. Alteryx makes sourcing, centralizing, enriching, and publishing metadata easy for all users.


Metadata Management Made Easy

Alteryx makes sourcing and managing metadata painless. Metadata loaders automatically read definitions and relationships from your data sources. Business users get a clear view into fields, data types, relationships and workflows. And governance ensures everyone’s using the right, trusted metadata.

  • Source and load metadata –  Easily access and load metadata from applications, databases and files to speed data preparation
  • Metadata tool – Provides instant one-click visibility into field names, data type, size, data sources, and descriptions
  • Metadata governance – Marshal and manage metadata with versioning, centralization, certification, and even user ratings


Unshackle the Metadata From Your Data Assets

contain metadata that can speed and ease data preparation and increase consistency. Alteryx provides metadata management that natively extracts and refreshes field names, schemas and more to speed integration and flex with change.

  • Source metadata – Automatically loads field names, types, objects, schemas and relationships from common sources to speed analytics and cataloging
  • Pre-configured metadata loaders – Provided for Amazon Redshift, data files, Alteryx Server Gallery, Exasol, Oracle, Salesforce, SQL Server, Tableau and much more
  • Update metadata automatically – Metadata loaders can be configured to provide metadata management and refresh automatically on schedule


Metadata Catalog That’s Built for Business

Metadata catalogs provide a powerful advantage: they centralize business terms, data workflows, field names, reports in a single, searchable and consistent repository. Alteryx Connect makes it easy for all users across the organization to publish, update, discuss, and share metadata.

  • Search metadata – Easily find apps, workflows, macros, visualizations, dashboards, data science models, using search functionality
  • Centralized catalog – Single trusted store to locate data source information, find workflows, access a data dictionary, and find data descriptions
  • Rank and discuss metadata – Not all metadata is equal. Alteryx enables users to discuss, curate, annotate, and even rate workflows, business terms, and reports to maximize relevancy