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Simulation Analytics

Make risk-adjusted decisions faster and more reliably.

Make the Best Decisions Amidst Uncertainty

Uncertainty is the nature of business. Simulation enables you to see all the potential outcomes, assess the impact of risk, and make better decisions. With intuitive Simulation Tools that provide sample, scoring, and summaries based on powerful Monte Carlo analysis, Alteryx enables analysts to make risk-adjusted decisions faster and more reliably.



Turn Your Business Users Into Business Simulators

Simulation needn’t be just for data scientists and quants. We’ve designed a complete drag-and-drop simulation toolset within an all-inclusive analytics environment. It’s the perfect way to empower your business users to simulate with confidence.

  • End-to-end simulation power: Visual sampling, scoring, and results simulation tooling ensures easy-to-interpret models
  • Visual modeling: Alteryx simulation tools provide instant visual feedback on results for iterative modeling, all paired with click-not-code configuration and parameter setting
  • Instantly explore results: Simulation results require interactive exploration. Alteryx provides complete analytics using built in tools or third-party data visualization.

Sophisticated Monte Carlo Simulation Analytics

Getting the most Monte Carlo simulation means more than purely running the calculations. Alteryx provides a full range of Monte Carlo Simulation Tools that include sampling random draws, scoring based on uncertainty, and an interactive summary of the results.

  • Simulation Sampling Tool: Allows random draws for given variables; you can sample from existing data for a variable directly, estimate best fitting parametric distribution, specify or “draw” the parametric distribution
  • Simulation Scoring Tool: Provides predicted values given uncertain predictors, and provides measures associated with the uncertainty surrounding a model’s predictions
  • Simulation Summary Tool: Delivers an interactive dashboard and a standard report of the simulation results

Simulate Uncertainty — Eliminate Data Uncertainty

Alteryx eliminates the uncertainty of getting data into your simulation analysis. Because Monte Carlo analysis is only one step in the analytics journey, Alteryx connects across systems and sources and allows on-the-fly data preparation and blending, so you can drive data into simulations faster.

  • Simulate any data: Flow data into Monte Carlo analysis from data warehouses, ERP and CRM apps, database, Hadoop, NoSQL, and files, whether in the cloud or on-premise  
  • Combine input data, predictors, variables, and more: Join, merge, cleanse, and restructure data across sources to maximize simulation analytics efficacy
  • Analyze results with ease: Interactively analyze results, apply your choice of data visualization, and even share your simulation assumptions and models

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