Deliver Faster Data Blending that Scales with Your Data

As analysts support decisions that require more and more data, they progress from spreadsheets, to local databases, to corporate databases, and are increasingly utilizing Big Data sources such as Hadoop. In-database processing enables blending and analysis of large sets of data without moving the data out of a database, and can provide significant performance improvements and deeper insights over traditional approaches, which require data to be moved into a separate environment for processing or force a user to leverage only a subset of data.

Alteryx delivers a self-service analytics platform that empowers analyst to fully leverage their existing Big Data infrastructure without requiring hand-crafted SQL coding, or waiting on other departments. The intuitive Alteryx interface allows analysts to quickly connect to the data at the source, stream-in additional data sets, and then cleanse, prep, blend and analyze the data in-database using simple drag and drop tools. Alteryx enables analysts to easily pull or push data from or into the database and take full advantage of the large, rich data fabric they have access to.

Key Alteryx Capabilities for In-Database Processing:

  • Improve data blending and advanced analytic performance by moving processing to the database
  • Utilize the processing power of Amazon Redshift, Apache Hive, Cloudera Impala, Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Microsoft SQL Database, Microsoft Analytics Platform System, SAP Hana, IBM Netezza, Microsoft SQL Server, Teradata, Spark, and Oracle to speed the delivery of analytic results
  • Replace SQL coding for large scale data blending and analytic processes within databases
  • Connect to all data where insights may reside regardless of location or size
  • Leverage the full dataset for accurate analytic insights

In-Database Processing




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