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June 16th-18th

San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina

Jer Thorp

Co-founder of the Office for Creative Research Former Data Artist in Residence, The New York Times

Inspire 2014 Keynotes
Jer Thorp

Co-founder of The Office for Creative Research, and Former Data Artist in Residence, The New York Times

Charles Wheelan

Senior Lecturer & Policy Fellow, Dartmouth College, and Author of Bestselling Book "Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from the Data

Dean Stoecker

Chairman & CEO

George Mathew

President & COO

Track session presenters included:
Daniel Mathieux

Director, Marketing Insights & E-Business

Anu Brookins

VP, Customer Relationship Management

Chris Cleckner

CRM Customer Strategy Analyst

Mark Sutton

Manager, Customer Analytics

Roger Shiltz

Senior Consultant in Business Intelligence
Cardinal Health

John Carter

SVP, Analytics, Insight & Loyalty
Charles Schwab

Kristi Casey

VP, Forensic Analytics Leader
Consumer Orbit

Michelle Leonard

Senior Research Associate
Consumer Reports

Alex Siskos

Vice President, Business Insights

Steve Wexler

Data Revelations

Sara Fagen

Deep Root Analytics

Board Member

Andrew Jastrzembski

Shopper Insights Manager
Delhaize America

Michal Polanowski

Shopper Insights Analyst
Delhaize America

Chip Duden

Vice President, Business Analytics
Werner Enterprises

Bill Schneider

Solutions Support Consultant
Experian Marketing Services

Jen Underwood

Founder & Principal Consultant
Impact Analytix LLC

Sean Otto

Senior Customer Satisfaction Analyst
Ingersoll Rand/Trane

Robin Bevan

Director, Location & Analytics Practice
Javelin Group

Greg Hall

Director, Analytics – Member Services
Kaiser Permanente

Ben Morris


Jay Burke

Analytics Manager, Worldwide Development
McDonald’s Corporation

Grant Mullins

VP, Spatial Intelligence & Analytics
Regions Financial Corporation

Deanna Sanchez

GIS Manager

David Williams

Senior Marketing Analyst
Room & Board

Joe Mako

Director of Visual Analytics
Rosenblatt Securities

Greg Bucko

Manager of Customer Insights
Southern States Cooperative

Aaron Agostini

Systems Engineer
Verizon Wireless

Clark Rumsey

Research Analyst
Sudhoff Properties

Dustin Smith

Product Marketing Manager
Tableau Software

Chris Love

Alteryx/Tableau Consultant
The Information Lab

Patricia Pidgeon

Enterprise Director of Client Solutions
Time Warner Cable Media

Inspire 2014 Sponsors

Introduction to Alteryx

Target Audience: Beginner

Whether you're evaluating Alteryx, you're a new user, or you're someone that simply needs to brush up on the fundamentals, this is your class. We'll cover the user interface and most commonly used tools, and you'll leave with a solid foundation for building your own analytic processes.

Advanced Data Analytics: Big Data & Beyond

Target Audience: Intermediate/Advanced

Power up your data analytics with advanced ETL processing. Learn advanced Extraction, Tranformation and Loading capabilities as well as the fundamentals of both regular expression and fuzzy matching processes.

Alteryx Reporting

Target Audience: Beginner

This session focuses on our robust set of reporting tools, allowing you to combine tables, charts, maps, and more into comprehensive, automated reports. Join us to learn how to transform your data into presentation-ready reports for deployment throughout your organization.

Introduction to Predictive Analytics

Target Audience: Intermediate/Advanced

Unleash the power of predictive modeling! This session will give you a solid foundation in building predictive processes inside of Alteryx. Learn the basics of data investigation and preparation along with the essentials of model development.

Analytic Apps: Desktop to Cloud

Target Audience: Beginner

Building a user interface to deploy your modules is easier than you think. This session gives you the tools necessary to transform the modules on your desktop into deployable cloud solutions. Learn how to build a simple user interface and deploy it using the Alteryx Analytics Gallery.

Advanced Analytic Apps

Target Audience: Intermediate/Advanced

Take your Analytic Apps to the next level! Join us to learn how to use trees to build a custom menu interface, plus containers to control the flow of your Analytic Apps processing.

Introduction to Spatial Analytics

Target Audience: Beginner

Everything happens somewhere! Discover how to utilize the address and spatial tool sets to geocode points, build trade areas and do spatial comparisons.

Introduction to Macro Building

Target Audience: Beginner

Repetitive tasks impeding your workflow? Looking to perform the same task on different sets of data? Need to loop data through until a threshold is met? Learn how to create your own tools that automate a specific workflow. This session will cover the basics of standard, batch and iterative macro development.

New App/Macro Authoring – Making the Transition

Target Audience: Intermediate/Advanced

If you are familiar with App and Macro development, but need to understand how to create them in our new interface, this class is for you. We will discuss how to transition to the new app/macro authoring tool palette and what impact it has on your existing apps and macros.

List Count Retrieval: Unleashing the Power of Calgary

Target Audience: Intermediate/Advanced

The Calgary list count retrieval engine is a powerful tool for performing quick searches on large data sets. This session will cover how to build a Calgary database and then quickly access that data to retrieve counts and records based on varying search criteria.

Disrupting Traditional Advertising by Leveraging Big Data & Advanced Analytics in Politics

Advanced analytics, coupled with readily available data storage and quick processing power, are changing the business of politics. In this session you will hear from CNBC contributor Sara Fagen about the history of microtargeting to a future where demographic targeting is virtually irrelevant, and big data and advanced analytics will be a disruptive force for anyone selling traditional ad space.

Furnish a Room Full of New and Loyal Customers with Consumer Insights and Analytics

Learn how Room & Board, a leading home furnishings retailer, increased customer loyalty and sales using advanced analytics and Experian Marketing Services’ data. By layering deeper insights such as life event triggers that may stimulate new furniture purchases across their CRM database, Room & Board was able to refine their customer segmentation profiles and drive more effective marketing retention and acquisition strategies. Join the session and discover how customer data and predictive analytic techniques can power your customer development and growth strategies.

Operationalizing Analytics to Empower Customers and Frontline Employees

Irrespective of the industry, all companies struggle to balance client service expectations with cost of service. In this session, hear how Time Warner Cable Media, the advertising sales arm of Time Warner Cable, provides enhanced service to its over 3,000 automotive clients while empowering its front line sales staff by putting the power of analytics directly in their hands. See how the company uses Alteryx analytic apps to help their automotive clients optimize their media mix, while providing frontline sales the ability to derive rapid insights, thus improving effectiveness and efficiencies for clients.

Improving Marketing ROI with Predictive Analytics

In 2012, Southern States Cooperative entered into a case study with Alteryx to utilize the new predictive tools available. The goal was simple: utilize predictive analytics to improve the response rate and ROI on a direct mail campaign. A year later Southern States Cooperative has fully integrated predictive modeling into almost every direct mail effort that goes out and the results have been staggering. Response rates have increased from an average of 3% to over 10% after modeling and the ROI averages nearly 200%. In this presentation Greg will walk you through how they use predictive analytics to improve marketing ROI as well as other ways in which Southern States Cooperative understands their customers better with advanced analytical tools made possible through the use of Alteryx.

The Analytical Catalyst

Over the past few years, BCG has been undergoing an analytical transformation. BCG has invested heavily in developing new teams and tools to take advantage of the rapidly changing Big Data landscape. Alteryx has been a critical player in this journey, turning hundreds of BCG consultants into data analysts. This increased analytical capacity has changed how BCG works – broadening insight and accelerating delivery. As a result, BCG is able to focus ever more on its clients and how it drives change based on insight. This enhanced analytical capacity has also opened new paths to profits, leading to the creation of compelling products for BCG's clients. In this session, Cornelius will share how BCG created the conditions for this analytical step change, drove distributed innovation, and developed new products to drive revenue and profit BCG and its clients.

The Right Place, The Least Risk: Retail Property Portfolio Management

With the growing importance of non-store channels, effective location planning continues to be crucial to retailers’ success across the world. In this session, Javelin Group, Europe’s leading specialist omnichannel retail advisory firm, and Steinhoff International, the world’s second largest furniture retailer, will share how Alteryx helps them with their store portfolio planning and predictive sales turnover modelling. Hear how these companies are working together using Alteryx to help Steinhoff’s UK Property team combine data analytics and GIS modelling capabilities with internal expertise to inform their “Shape of Chain” strategy and delivery. Robin Bevan will also share examples of how other European retail clients are using Alteryx across the enterprise.

Executive Panel: Creating an Analytic Culture

Are you struggling to create a more analytic and data-driven culture in your organization, and gain specific ideas to champion that cause internally? Join this cross-industry panel of senior analytics and business leaders for a lively, interactive session on what it takes to create a data-driven analytics culture. These executives will highlight key steps they have taken to build data-driven thinking in driving strategic business decisions and expand the use of analytics across their enterprise. Learn firsthand how they addressed skills- and tools-related organizational challenges, and the results they experienced with better analytics.

Dial-Up Loyalty & Experience/Multi-channel Customer Analytics

Customers interact with retailers through multiple channels—via website, in-store, through phone or social media. And they expect a consistent shopping experience across these channels. In this session, Anu Brookins, VP of Customer Relationship Management at Belk will discuss the challenges retailers face in integrating all the customer data – online and offline – to get one unified view and insight into the customer to drive consistent cross-channel marketing and merchandising decisions.

Target Marketing with Predictive and Geo-spatial Analytics

AAA’s goal is to provide the highest degree of customer service to its members. As such, great effort is placed on developing intelligence to ensure the appropriate number of retail units in locations that will have the best touch points. In this session we’ll explore how AAA uses geospatial analysis to help pinpoint key locations based on traffic, but also in a way that provides branch managers with better insight into marketing to people who are most likely to transact at that location.

Inside the (r)Evolution

How is analytics defined in your company? More importantly, how are YOU driving action through insights? Data is no longer a cost – it is an asset. Organizations can establish competitive differentiation and at the same time maximize their ROI on data assets by coupling them with the right people, processes and tools. Alex Siskos will share an industry perspective on the analytics paradigm shift at Crossmark, which will cover everything from the change management journey to the data and tool investments, and the analytics they aspire to optimize in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).

Optimizing Service Cost and Improving Customer Experience

As health insurers and providers face increasing cost pressures and customer expectations, it is critical to take a data driven approach to optimizing cost while improving service and satisfaction. Hear how Alteryx has empowered an analytics team at Kaiser Permanente, one of the nation's largest not-for-profit health plans, serving 9.1 million members, to rapidly produce and automate data analysis to drive continuous improvement in their member services. See how they have been able to scale the volume of analysis produced and position themselves as a strategic partner in advancing the organization's strategic objectives.

Tableau: Analytics & Visualization for the Data Warrior

Grappling with oversized, messy, and poorly maintained data environments is the reality we all face. Whether you are an analyst or admin, director or developer, no one can escape the necessity of needing to be able to quickly deal with massive amounts of data and quickly extract insight to support critical decisions. In this session you will hear how Alteryx and Tableau are being used as devastatingly effective weapons by the everyday analyst for battling the hairiest of data sets. Learn how to wield these two solutions in order to get out of the data, spreadsheet and chart formatting trenches and into the data analysis and visual exploration fields.

Alteryx Tips & Tricks

At Client Services, we've seen it all...and we've learned a great deal in the process. In this session we'll share our favorite tips & tricks and those we can't do without. We will also shine a light on those underutilized tools that could save you precious time. Beginners and advanced users will all get value from the session as we cover a wide variety of topics, including module optimization, app/macro authoring, database connections, data blending, and more!

Exploiting Visualization to Make Connections in Tableau

Tableau is most flexible with non-intuitive data structures because Tableau has a unique approach to data analysis. In fact, the more raw data you connect Tableau to, the greater the chance of discovery of "unknown unknowns" – the things we did not know we did not know, and the outliers lost in aggregation. In this session you will see how Tableau has helped Rosenblatt Securities exploit the human cognition perspective on visualization vs. a table of numbers, and realize the gains of Shneiderman's mantra: "Overview first, zoom and filter, then details-on-demand" in an interactive visualization.

Empowering Frontline Personnel via the Alteryx Analytics Gallery

In today’s high-speed business environment, frontline personnel need access to data as quickly as possible. With the Alteryx Analytics Gallery, these end users can obtain rapid insight without the need for technical training, programming experience, or even an Alteryx Analytics license. Hear how Rent-A-Center has created multiple Alteryx Analytics Gallery apps that empower their front end users within Real Estate, Market Planning, International Development, and Strategic Planning to make decisions more efficiently, saving time and effort across departments. Now, end users have the freedom to run ad hoc analyses anytime, anywhere by interactively querying prospect sites and adjusting trade areas to research markets.

A Dashboard a Day: How Consumer Orbit Creates New Client Dashboards in Hours

Consumer Orbit is a marketing service provider that creates Tableau dashboards for CPG and retail companies. These organizations have many sources of customer data, but no one place to view it cohesively. Consumer Orbit keeps its own database of over 60 billion items on behavior of over 120 million consumers. They blend this information with their client’s customer data, perform segmentation and predictive analytics, and create Tableau dashboards to give a single view of the client’s customers. In this session you will see how they are able to combine ten or more sources of data at every new client in a matter of hours, giving their clients a true and ongoing view into their customer’s behavior.

A Customized View of Your Market at Your Fingertips

In this session you will learn how the analytics team at Belk is harnessing the power and flexibility of Alteryx, leveraging the Alteryx core data sets, and combining their own business knowledge, data and expertise to produce informative yet easy to digest maps and reports regarding market health, potential customers, and market saturation for their retail stores.

Monitoring and Adapting for the Best Customer Experience

Ingersoll Rand has had a long established B2B Customer Experience measurement program, but like most organizations, the data gathered is so rich and informative, turning it into actionable items is a challenge. Ingersoll Rand has mastered the art of dashboards and infographics, helping the business know exactly what matters to their customers by maintaining the profitable relationship every company strives after. Come learn some tips, tricks and best practices of how Ingersoll Rand is using Alteryx to stream line survey data and market research, reducing 10+ hours of data manipulation down to seconds, enabling them to focus on the value added activities to the business and not just the deliverables.

Leveraging Alteryx & Tableau to Measure Operational Success Rate

Discovery Communications’ Media Operations team is responsible for a variety of functions at their post-production facility, including duplication of programs, creation of digital media assets for streaming services and technical evaluation of incoming inventory. The Media Operations managers struggled to calculate a success rate of the program duplication tasks due to disparate data sources and a non-easily repeatable process. In this session you will learn how they are leveraging Alteryx and Tableau to combine all of the data required and create a management dashboard quickly displays departmental or individual success rates, allowing line-level supervisors to quickly react to error trends.

Blending MLS with Other Data to Get a Real Estate Market Advantage

Sudhoff Properties blends MLS listings with off-MLS listings to immediately identify new properties that are available, analyze any submarket, and thoroughly understand the overall Houston real estate market. In this session you will see how they incorporate geocoding and data blending of permit data, flood plain information, special building line designations, historical districts, and other critical information to establish the value of properties. Frequent updates result in a comprehensive view of key real estate markets within minutes, instead of hours, enabling Sudhoff to move quickly on potential deals and have a significant competitive advantage.

Improving Cross-Organization Program Performance

Delhaize America, LLC operates over 1,500 food supermarkets in the eastern United States under the Food Lion, Hannaford, and Bottom Dollar Food brands. In this session you will learn how Alteryx can be used for customized, site-specific test & control operations (A/B testing) within the larger framework of Delhaize America. See how Alteryx and Delhaize have partnered together to engineer practical solutions to real-world business issues, and discover some of the inherent advantages of adopting Alteryx vs. other tools.

Healthcare Efficiency: Doing More with Less

As the business behind healthcare, Cardinal Health helps pharmacies, hospitals and ambulatory care sites focus on patient care while reducing costs, improving efficiency and quality, and increasing profitability. Data and analytics plays a vital role on improving the cost effectiveness of healthcare. In this session you will hear how Alteryx has helped business analysts at Cardinal Health increase analytics package output by 300% in just two months, and have reduced manual processing by 90%.

Enrich your Data: Making the Most of Market, Demographic & Spatial Data

Discover and increase the value from the market data packaged with Alteryx, including demographic, firmographic, spatial household, and segmentation data. Learn about best (and worst) practices when combining internal data with third-party data from leading providers such as the US Census Bureau, Experian, TomTom, and Dun & Bradstreet into your analytics.

Maximizing Net Revenue in Digital Marketing Platforms

Kristalytics utilizes Alteryx to extract, summarize and analyze billions of impressions across digital marketing platforms such as Google, Bing and other ad networks. They find geographic patterns in the millions that click, and geographic, demographic and psychographic patterns in the thousands that buy. In this session, Ben will review a sample campaign where the top 45% of the US population by geography yielded 100% of a digital campaign’s net profit, the next 35% yielded a marginal 22% net profit, and the final 20% yielded a negative 22% net profit. You will see how this insight helps Kristalytics and their clients cut waste and maximize profits in their digital media buys.

What's New and Coming Soon in Alteryx Analytics

Be among the first to hear from Alteryx Product Management on what's in store for the next release of Alteryx Analytics. This informative session will jumpstart your efforts to get even more value from Alteryx without complicated coding or "data scientist" expertise. Learn how Alteryx plans to make it even easier for you to uncover deeper business insights.

Creating the Optimal Wireless Service Experience with Handset Analytics

The competition for wireless subscribers is fierce, and a user’s experience with their mobile device plays a significant role in whether they stay with their existing carrier or churn to the competition. In this session you will hear how Verizon Wireless uses Alteryx to monitor handset performance to identify potential problems and take corrective action to maintain the highest quality of service. You will also hear how Alteryx is being used in other parts of their network to predict capacity requirements and network utilization.

Data Blending with All Relevant Data

Analysts are faced with more disparate data sources than ever. Being able to access this data and incorporate it into their analysis is critical to improve the accuracy of their results. This session will highlight the ability to access and blend all relevant data through a wide variety of Alteryx connectors, with emphasis on accessing data in enterprise data warehouses, social media, sales and marketing automation systems, and more to deliver deeper business insights.

Making Data Analysts Self-Reliant to Claim a Seat at the Table

Consumer Reports generates over 1.8 million surveys annually to help them evaluate products for their publications. But survey data is notoriously difficult to use. In this session you will find out how Alteryx enabled Consumer Reports to replace the tedious process of reformatting survey data with an automated process, and view the results in Tableau. Case studies will reveal how Alteryx is used to provide asset tracking for the items they test, for SEM data, and to determine which product categories drive the most interest from their subscribers. Previously, analytic insight was confined to people who could write code, but you will find out how Alteryx is giving analysts “a seat at the table.”

Scaling Your Analytics with Analytic Apps and Alteryx Server

Your organization’s decision makers want rapid access to reports and analytic results to make better, faster decisions. This session will highlight how to deliver easy to use advanced analytics to decision makers with the new Analytic App authoring tools, and deploy them in your own customized Alteryx Server environment. And, deliver this insight with the same consumer experience of the field-proven Alteryx Analytics Gallery.

Optimizing Real Estate Development

As avid users of Alteryx for the last five years, McDonald's Corporation’s Worldwide Development department has been able to increase development productivity and efficiencies. This session will highlight McDonald's real estate, the workflows and products of the real estate development department, and how Alteryx has allowed them to do things within their business that they were never able to do before. Learn how data blending and spatial analysis in Alteryx has empowered them to quickly and easily work with disparate data sources and explore gap trade areas, reducing their time to insight from days and weeks to hours.

Predictive Analytics in Alteryx: A Roadmap into the Future

As predictive analytics continues to become more mainstream in organizations, Alteryx continues to lead the charge in making it more accessible. This session will highlight the new predictive tools in Alteryx Analytics 9.0, how it enables the scaling of R, and future enhancements for predictive capabilities to make forward thinking decisions faster and easier for analysts.

Expert Panel: Preparing Your Data for Visualization in Tableau

Visualization is rapidly becoming THE WAY to discover data, and data analysts need to understand how to prepare data for visualization. But preparing data for visualization is very different from creating applications to drive results in Alteryx. In this session you will hear from some of the world’s best Alteryx and Tableau users about how they prepare data for visualization in Tableau. Hear these experts talk about the unique issues they encounter, the approach they take, and the results they are able to achieve. You will not want to miss this interactive and exciting conclusion to the Technology track.

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