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Jer Thorpe

Inspiring Analytic Freedom

Analytic Freedom. It's the power to act. The realization of your vision. The value of working without hindrance or restraint to get the analytic insight and foresight you need. During Inspire 2014 you will discover, first-hand, how analytic freedom can release your analytic leadership and deliver the insights to make you, and your business, more productive, adaptive and successful.

  • Empowering the Modern Analyst – Discover new techniques to blend data, easily analyze it and simply share the insight that will make a difference to your organization
  • Blending All the Data You Need – Learn best practices for building the analytic dataset you need, using data from wherever it is and in whatever form it exists, to answer your big business questions
  • Leading Through Analytics – Explore the simplicity and value of sharing insights with decision makers, while you build your analytic leadership