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Powerful data visualizations require rich datasets. Preparation of datasets typically consumes 60-70% of a project's budget and time. With Alteryx, business analysts can dramatically reduce the time to create the perfect analytical data set, so they can spend more time creating opportunities with data and less time preparing it.

  • Data Blending: Collect, blend, and enrich data from a full range of sources, and automatically get it ready for visualization in Tableau
  • Advanced Analytics: Give data analytical context by providing statistical, predictive, and deep geo-spatial analytics
  • Tableau Integration: Automatically create Tableau Data Extract files directly from your Alteryx workflows

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Customer Testimonials


Alex Siskos
VP of Business Insight, Crossmark

Alex Siskos, VP of Business Insight at CROSSMARK discusses how Alteryx was key in unlocking their data and allowing them to interact with information.


Scott Burrill
Managing Director, Rosenblatt Securities

Scott Burrill, Managing Director at Rosenblatt Securities discusses how Alteryx is a core part of their analytics process.


Scott Tonjes
Director, IT, Novus Media

Scott Tonjes, Director, IT, at Novus Media discusses how Alteryx helps them to create the workflows in a visual way and get things done quickly.


Derek Morrell
Manager of Predictive Analytics, Family Dollar

Derek Morrell, Manager of Predictive Analytics at Family Dollar discusses the benefits of being able to use large datasets with Alteryx.


Clark Rumsey
Market Analyst, Sudhoff Properties

Clark Rumsey, Market Analyst at Sudhoff Properties discusses their use of Alteryx.


Dan Jewett
VP of Product Management, Tableau

Dan Jewett, VP of Product Management at Tableau discusses how customers are benefitting from using Alteryx and Tableau together to create a complete analytics solution for business users.


Bill Engel
Chairman, Consumer Orbit

Bill Engel, Chairman of Consumer Orbit discusses how his company uses Alteryx and Tableau to turn big data into valuable knowledge.


What The Tableau Community Is Saying

Paul Mathewson
Business Intelligence Analyst at InterWorks

"Alteryx is the best tool for analysts to use in regards to transforming, cleaning, calculating, joining and preparing data for Tableau. Alteryx can power through any amount of data and export that final product as a .tde for visual analysis and make the findings transparent, secure and dynamic for an entire organization."

Bill Engel
Chairman of the Board, Consumer Orbit

"We believe transformational companies need transformational tools. We've built our company on Tableau and Alteryx."

Joe Mako
Tableau Zen Master, and Director of Visual Analytics at Rosenblatt Securities

"Tableau only goes so far. When you need advanced joining and manipulation, that's when Alteryx becomes useful. I want to program less. Let the computer do the stuff it's good at. I want to do what I'm good at: being creative. Enable the cycle of visual analytics with Tableau and Alteryx together."

Kim Carrico
Director of Marketing Planning and Analysis at Optimum Lightpath

"All levels of my team, from data scientists to business analysts, found they could use Alteryx within a couple of hours, to produce results that would have taken days or weeks to get from IT. We can automate jobs in seconds, and spend more time analyzing data instead of getting it."

Craig Bloodworth
Tableau Zen Master, CTO at The Information Lab

"Alteryx significantly enhances our ability to help people make sense of data. When used in combination with Tableau the ease with which complex data sets can first be prepared and then visualised is incredible."



Product Demos

Polygons for Tableau

Creating polygons for Tableau is easy with Alteryx.

Data Blending

See how Alteryx enables you to quickly access and blend all your data for visualization in Tableau.

Enriched Data and Advanced Analytics

See how to enrich data and apply advanced analytics.

AB Test Analysis

Examine the potential impact of changing tactics in a small group of customers or stores prior to fully implementing the changes for all customers or stores.

Multichannel Analysis

Analyze channel-specific data from various internal sources looking at customer segmentation and location as they relate to product category.

Alteryx Enriched Tableau Dashboard

See how to create rich visualizations in Tableau from a dataset created in Alteryx.


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