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Fuel Your Tableau Visualizations with Alteryx

Alteryx Starter Kit for Tableau

Download the Alteryx Starter Kit for Tableau and get a series of modules that perform Advanced Data Blending, Data Transposing, Unstructured Data Standardizing, Retail Location Analysis and more, plus a set of Tableau Workbooks that provide beautiful pre-configured visualizations for these modules.

Powerful data visualizations require rich, perfected data sets. Alteryx provides a platform for self-service data analytics, so analysts can spend less time preparing and blending data for Tableau and more time visualizing and analyzing data. Alteryx empowers analysts with an easy way to prepare, blend, and analyze all data sources and apply advanced predictive and spatial analytics - all through an easy drag and drop workflow, no coding required. Results are quickly converted to Tableau data extracts, which means perfected data is easily fed to Tableau Online, Server, or Desktop.

  • Faster Data Blending. Access and blend data from all data sources, including cloud and local data, all in a single intuitive workflow
  • Advanced Analytics. Create smarter visualizations by adding predictive, spatial and statistical analysis to visualizations-no coding required
  • Flexible Data Updates. Easily convert data blending and analytics efforts into Tableau extracts, enabling an easy, repeatable, and scalable solution that keeps the data fueling visualizations fresh


Scott Burrill

Managing Director

I’m excited to see where our analytics go and grow into.  Partnering with the right people that can help us on that journey is incredible.  I feel that Alteryx is a core part of that process now.


Kristin Scholer

Marketing Analytics Manager

Now that we have Alteryx, I can go in myself and blend together different tables across multiple databases and get to the data I need to quickly.


Dan Jewett

VP of Product Management

The combination of Alteryx and Tableau has turned out to be working really brilliantly for our customers.


Samuel Thomas

Business Information Analyst Senior

With Alteryx, we are able to develop a reporting process for one of our key reports with high level visibility. That takes about 30 seconds to run and maybe five minutes to update every month. So from one to five days ...

Faster Data Blending for Tableau

Preparing data can be slow and tedious. By rapidly blending cloud data, big data, and local data sources, analysts can deliver faster business insights to Tableau visualizations - in hours instead of weeks.

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Enhance Visualizations with Advanced Analytics

Enhance visualizations with statistical and predictive analytics by using easy R based tools with no coding required. Add deep spatial analytics including geocoding and drive time data in the same drag and drop interface.

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Alteryx + Tableau Customer Stories

Data analysts love Alteryx +Tableau. Hear how EMC, Home Depot, GameStop, and other organizations have implemented Alteryx and Tableau to make huge gains in speed to insight.

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Optimize Tableau Online with Alteryx

Automatically refresh the data that fuels cloud based Tableau visualizations. Make analytic work scalable across an entire organization and omit the need to duplicate blending efforts every time the data changes.

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Optimize Tableau Server with Alteryx

Easily update underlying data to Tableau visualizations on an enterprise scale. Make analytic work scalable across an entire organization and omit the need to duplicate blending efforts every time the data changes.

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