Alteryx Server

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Alteryx Server

Business analysts are empowered with Alteryx to develop analytics that lead to deeper business insights. But, to truly embrace data-driven decision making across your organization you must have the ability to share the resulting insight with other departments and business decision makers. This includes giving others the power and flexibility to run their own analytic apps, and customize the output to their specific needs. Plus, it frees time for the business analysts so they can focus on getting the insight to support the next business decision, not customizing reports for others.

Alteryx Server delivers a comprehensive solution for analytics that lets you share your analytic applications with business decision makers, empowering everyone in your organization. This provides the data processing power of a server-based analytic solution along with the ease of access and interaction of business ready analytic applications – all deployed on your organization’s server infrastructure.

Schedule Analytics

Alteryx Server allows you to schedule and run analytic workflows as needed

to generate reports and refresh data sets.

Schedules can be set based on time of day, triggered by specific events, or run on an ad-hoc basis.

Schedule jobs from Alteryx Designer

Schedule jobs from Alteryx Designer

to your server deployment

Modify scheduled modules

with the "Run from disk" option

View the progress of running jobs

and cancel jobs if needed

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