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Private: What’s New in Designer Cloud 9.6

What's New   |   Paul Warburg   |   Nov 29, 2022

What’s New in 9.6

We’re excited to share our latest capabilities from the Designer Cloud and Google Cloud Dataprep 9.6 release. As always, there’s a wide range of new features to discuss:  

New Support for Snowflake on Azure

For customers that have hosted Designer Cloud on AWS, it is now possible to read and write data from Snowflake on Azure using JDBC connectivity (including pushdown support). This gives additional options to our customers who operate in a multi-cloud environment. This update requires Designer Cloud to be hosted on AWS (there is not a fully-hosted SaaS offering on Azure at this time). 

Flow Editors Can Now Edit Custom SQL Datasets

Editors of flows can now be granted edit access to modify SQL queries and custom SQL datasets as needed (previously, editors could only be granted view access). This will allow more flexibility in allowing users to tweak SQL as needed without the need to go back to the original owner of a dataset. To access this feature, editors can right click a SQL dataset in a flow and click “Edit custom SQL”. 

Data Previews Can Now Be Toggled On/Off

Users now have the option to toggle the data-grid preview on and off when building a recipe, allowing users to make updates without waiting for the data grid to refresh. Toggling the data-grid preview off can help improve performance and reduce the loading time needed to reload the grid when generating a preview. This can be particularly useful when applying the same changes to multiple different recipes.

Job History Page Now Defaults to “Run by me”

The job history page now defaults to “Run by me” rather than “All jobs”. This will allow users to more easily access the flows that are the most relevant to them and improve the performance of the job history page. 

Google Cloud Dataprep Specific Releases:

In 9.6, we have an additional updates specific to Google Cloud Dataprep: 

  • Full BigQuery Pushdown Support for Merge Operations: MERGE operations in Dataprep can now be executed using BigQuery pushdown processing (previously, MERGE operations were only supported via Dataflow). This will work for both file-to-table and table-to-table scenarios, allowing for faster loading times and reduced costs when performing merges and bringing in new data records from applications. 

New connectors with 9.6 Release

We continue our journey to help you connect to any data source, enabling additional use cases. With our 9.6 release, we support the following new early-preview/read-only connectors: 

  • Microsoft Dataverse 
  • Adobe Analytics 
  • Google Contacts 
  • Workday (Added support for OAuth connection) 

For more information, see Early Preview Connection Types. You can learn all about our connectivity updates here.

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