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The Alteryx Analytics Automation Platform

Experience the power of Analytics for All.


Unify and Automate Analytics From Data to Outcomes

The Alteryx Analytics Automation Platform abstracts complexity so that anyone can independently develop their own paths to better decisions. Collectively, this improves analytics maturity and leads to higher value outcomes. Four proficiencies found by IDC Research necessary to realize the greatest ROI from analytics investments are perfectly aligned with the capabilities and services available in the Alteryx Analytics Automation Platform.


Explore Platform Capabilities and Services


Platform Capabilities

Prep, Blend, Enrich
Analysis, Geospatial
Data Science
Self-Serve Insights

Extract / Load / Transform


With access to hundreds of data connectors, analysts and data engineers can quickly build pipelines that extract and load internal and external sources into targets such as Cloud data warehouses. Transforming data into a form suitable for analytics is just as easy.


Data Prep / Blend / Enrichment


Analysts, data engineers, and data scientists can speed raw data on its journey to insight through interactive preparation. This yields a visual representation that is sharable so others may accelerate their own use cases. Repetitive tasks can be automated.


Analytics / Reporting / Geospatial


Analytics automation supports many outcomes. Integrated or enriched data for enterprise applications or predictive models executed in a cloud data warehouse. Native geospatial insights or reports in BI tools like Tableau trigger actions in operational systems or RPA bots.


Data Science / AutoML / NLP


Artificial intelligence requires good data to produce accurate and reliable results. It also usually demands coding skills. Automated ML overcomes these hurdles by automatically creating features, predictive models, and explanations. Users can also add Python and R code into workflows and extract unstructured text data from PDF docs.


Auto Insight Generation & Exploration


Visual workflows can be rendered as Analytic Apps for anyone to self-serve insights. Analytics automation can also surface insights and anomalies from data automatically using artificial intelligence. All speed decision-making in ways not supported by traditional BI tools.


Platform Services

Data Connectors

Prep. Blend. Repeat.

Security and Governance

Meets the highest standards

Scheduling & Orchestration

Reliably rinse and repeat

Collaboration & Versioning

Share, Learn, Scale


Consistent, reusable metrics


Power new data-driven apps


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