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Self-service insights for your business

No-Code Data Management Platform

Let your business teams easily and quickly unify diverse data sources into their own real world data model in the cloud without writing code, managing infrastructure, or requiring ETL resources.

Fast Turnaround of Data

  • Integrations for real-time data
  • Prebuilt rules and trained AI
  • Daily insights from raw data

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Course Correct Rapidly

  • No-code UI for in-house talent
  • More agility for faster interactions
  • Ownership enhances trust of data
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Low IT/Infrastructure Costs

  • Cloud/SaaS | Fast and easy to deploy
  • Serverless | Easy to manage
  • Virtualized | Real-time, no moving pieces
  • Pay as you go | Low-cost entry point
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From Reactive to Proactive

  • AI-based data quality alerts
  • AI for predictive modeling
  • AI for better insights & proactive alerts
  • Not just dashboards; do ad hoc analysis
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How it Works

  1. Let your business teams create and manage their data model.
  2. Quickly connect to and catalog any data source.
  3. AI-assisted mapping of your sources to the data model.
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