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Upgraded Geographic Business Intelligence platform puts decision makers in the developer seat of business's best practices

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SRC announces release of Alteryx 5.0 with broader analytic support and enhanced reporting

Orange, CA - December 3, 2009 - SRC, LLC, the exclusive provider of Geographic Business Intelligence® technology, announced today the availability of Version 5.0 of its Alteryx® software platform. This much anticipated release continues the momentum SRC has achieved over more than a dozen years in delivering geographically-oriented, business decision solutions to Fortune 500 and mid-level business leaders across many industries.

The latest Alteryx 5.0 release introduces several new tools and feature enhancements to further streamline accessing and integrating the widest variety of data sources (including spatial data) via its high-performance, automated analytics workflow environment. By seamlessly combining multiple technology standards to generate unified reports, maps, and data visualizations, Alteryx 5.0 empowers decision makers with the means to rapidly create and deploy dataflow and business process best practices at all levels of an enterprise with even greater ease.

"We have been testing a beta version of the new Alteryx release and have found 5.0 takes the time savings strengths of past releases to a whole new level," explained Pat Garvey, Director of Retail Floor Space Management at VF Corporation, the world's largest apparel company. "Indexed tables with hundreds of millions of records that query data at blinding speeds, can now be linked to leverage one project to another. Another new feature, the batch macro, delivers an ability to loop a process as needed to external data sources or APIs, so we will see a savings of hours to seconds in the manual operation of our own Alteryx modules or applications."

Ciaran OBroin, Director of Product Development for Geomentum, a hyper-local media and marketing agency placing over $2 billion in targeted promotional media in 2009, said that "Using the speed of Alteryx, we can analyze each client's media purchases at every phase of a promotional campaign, allowing us to proactively monitor the relationship between media allocation and sales activity from week to week. The new enhancements of 5.0 are going to ensure that we can serve more clients with more complex campaign plans in faster turnaround times."

Unique to the Alteryx offering is the capability to span the entire end-to-end geographic business intelligence workflow process, including data access, data quality and integration, analytics, and reporting and mapping. This remarkable breadth of functionality is achieved by synthesizing key capabilities in data quality and data integration tools, traditional business intelligence software, and GIS/mapping products, all in a single, unified platform.

"SRC has been saying for a long time that spatial is not special, and that spatial analytics should be an integral part of any organization's business intelligence capabilities," explained Dean Stoecker, SRC's president and CEO. "We are launching Alteryx 5.0 at a time when the marketplace is starting to recognize and agree with this simple observation - although our customers tell us that Alteryx is the only solution fast enough and delivering the throughput capacity needed to realize the benefits of true geographic business intelligence."

The new features in Alteryx 5.0 provide added strength in all of these key functional areas:

  • Spatial and non-spatial data analysis tools combined in one simple, drag-and-drop workspace
  • Rapid delivery of actionable insights for resolving complex, geographically-oriented business decisions
  • A complementary architectural design that enables the instant enhancing of major mapping, business intelligence (BI), and search engine applications
  • Eliminates the need for programming experience to develop robust and reliable geographic business intelligence applications

For application developers, Alteryx 5.0 provides the ability to easily see and edit existing data paths for easier sharing of best practice modules among power users. New wizard or graphical user interface development tools, automated analysis linking and looping, and improved report layout and delivery features also serve the needs of advanced Alteryx users. For analysts, Alteryx 5.0 enables more complex data queries by linking Alteryx data tables together, offers advanced spatial analytics, such as, combining spatial objects and calculating centroids, and has an entirely new library of financial analysis functions.

For executive decision-makers, Alteryx 5.0 has new reporting features that make reports more insightful and easier to obtain. An overlay reporting tool has been included for configuring report output content in layers, and data can now be more flexibly transformed and rearranged for presentation purposes. For automated distribution of information, Alteryx module output can now be emailed directly to recipients as soon as real-time best practice processing is completed.


Solving business problems for nearly a quarter-million users worldwide, Alteryx is driving the global data revolution in Geographic Business Intelligence. Through smart, extensible solutions from the desktop to the Web, the Alteryx software platform delivers the fastest, most comprehensive consumer, business and market insights to the Fortune 500, mid-market companies, government and academia. Alteryx hosted, on-premise and hybrid SaaS solutions integrate spatial intelligence into enterprise workflows, seamlessly scaled across local, regional and global markets. Inspiring ingenuity since 1997, Alteryx, LLC has offices in Orange, Calif., and Boulder, Colo. For more information please visit

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