SRC, LLC is now Alteryx

Brand emerges as leader in spatial business intelligence revolution

Orange, CA – March 24, 2010 – SRC, LLC has changed its company name to Alteryx, Inc., the product brand introduced in 1997 that has become the strongest standalone Geographic Business Intelligence® software platform in the world today.

“From a small, product-focused consultancy creating custom applications 13 years ago for early adopters and niche markets, our company has emerged as a customer-centric leader in the spatial business intelligence revolution,” said Dean Stoecker, Alteryx president and CEO. “Today, Alteryx is solving mainstream business problems and establishing best practices for the world’s largest corporations and nearly a quarter million users in an environment where nearly every decision now requires location-based intelligence and analytics.”

From its origin with SRC, LLC, the Alteryx technology has matured into the first integrated business intelligence platform that delivers a comprehensive set of software, data and services serving local, regional and global markets. “Within our user base, the Alteryx name already identifies our company, and is well known within the international developer community as the trusted leader in streamlining disparate data sources into enterprise workflows,” said Stoecker. “Taking on the Alteryx brand as our company name is a natural evolution of our business, and represents an industry milestone in embedding spatial data into all levels of business logic. We are extending Geographic Business Intelligence to better business strategies and operational decision-making taking place every day across industry, government and academic disciplines.”

It started with the vision of three founders – Stoecker, Olivia Duane Adams and Ned Harding – to build software products capable of altering and enhancing disparate corporate data assets with spatial intelligence for the purpose of improved decision-making. (The lat/long, or x/y dimensions, have been at the heart of the Alteryx technology capabilities from Day One, hence the name, “alter yx.”) “In 1997, we had no idea how big and complex corporate databases were going to get,” said Stoecker. “In today’s environment where data is measured in petabytes – a petabyte is 1 million gigabytes – the power and speed required to leverage these resources is part of what makes Alteryx unique. By delivering a single, ubiquitous, customer-centric product line that executes at the database level, we’ve mainstreamed the benefits of Geographic Business Intelligence for our customers in every major industry.”

“Over the years, Alteryx has been instrumental in elevating Geomentum’s corporate computing paradigms, enabling us to transcend the island technologies of the past by combining multiple technology standards that give our company power and speed,” said Ciaran OBroin, Director, Product Development for Geomentum and NSA Media. “The latest Alteryx 5.0 release really takes time-saving functionality and productivity gains to new levels, which empowers our customers and decision-makers with 360-degree fact-based views and analytics within a single, scalable platform.”

About Alteryx

Solving business problems for nearly a quarter-million users worldwide, Alteryx is driving the global data revolution in Geographic Business Intelligence. Through smart, extensible solutions from the desktop to the Web, the Alteryx software platform delivers the fastest, most comprehensive consumer, business and market insights to the Fortune 500, mid-market companies, government and academia. Alteryx hosted, on-premise and hybrid SaaS solutions integrate spatial intelligence into enterprise workflows, seamlessly scaled across local, regional and global markets. Inspiring ingenuity since 1997, Alteryx, Inc. has offices in Orange, Calif., and Boulder, Colo. For more information please visit

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