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Alteryx PaaS delivers best-in-class geospatial business intelligence

Orange, CA – May 24, 2010 – Alteryx, Inc. (formerly SRC) today put the power of the world’s fastest and most robust Geographic Business Intelligence technology platform into the hands of wider user communities via enhanced web services capabilities demonstrated at the ICSC ReCON global retail real estate convention in Las Vegas. Enterprise customers using Alteryx in hosted, on-premise and hybrid environments will deliver custom applications to every level of user, partner and supplier within their organizations through the Alteryx menu-driven, web wizard interface.

“With unprecedented speed, flexibility and efficiency, now more easily deployed over the web, the Alteryx engine delivers on the promise of enterprise-wide business intelligence and geospatial analytics in a true Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) environment,” said Alteryx CEO Dean Stoecker. “No longer limited to developers and DBA-level engineers, Alteryx web services are empowering a large new community of users across departments in all types of businesses. Every-day managers can now define, optimize and deploy custom applications that bring best-in-class analytics to critical operational, marketing and business decisions that must be made today amidst shifting demographics and locations.”

Customized modules demonstrated at ICSC ReCON, easily deployed as web wizards via the Alteryx flagship SaaS subscription offering, clearly showed how the use of business intelligence can rapidly expand into new applications and solve old business problems. For example, a non-technical realtor in the field can punch an address into a custom module to quickly assess if a particular location fits into a retail franchise’s target customer and expansion criteria. The broad capabilities and speed of this Web 2.0 platform are proving out new levels of responsiveness and business intelligence for a wide array of applications and users.

“As we come out of recession, the retail real estate market is an excellent example of an industry where Alteryx web-based solutions can have a major impact, in this case by bringing unprecedented decision-making power for maximizing return on invested capital to retail networks and shopping center development and expansion,” said Stoecker. “The markets have changed, and retail operators need to view data from across their enterprise to see how their customers’ behaviors have shifted, which stores are performing to their market potential, which products are selling best in which locations. What’s the right strategy for each location? Expansion and contraction decisions must consider business insights from every angle in the consumer mix, not just physical property or lease factors.”

Alteryx synthesizes a wide range of disparate database resources, including transactional databases, spatially enabled databases, data warehouses, flat files, spatial data formats and spreadsheets to seamlessly integrate datasets faster and more accurately than any other technology platform. Access options for more advanced deployments include a Software Developer Kit (SDK) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for local and network-based interactions.

“This technical breakthrough extends the power of business intelligence into much broader user communities, and opens the possibilities for the development of undiscovered tools, modules and applications limited only by the imagination,” said Stoecker. “Since our founding 13 years ago, this Alteryx platform advancement enables a much larger user community to easily build their own custom applications, and deploy them quickly over the web.”

About Alteryx

Solving business problems for nearly a quarter-million users worldwide, Alteryx is driving the global data revolution in Geographic Business Intelligence. Through smart, extensible solutions from the desktop to the Web, the Alteryx software platform delivers the fastest, most comprehensive consumer, business and market insights to the Fortune 500, mid-market companies, government and academia. Alteryx hosted, on-premise and hybrid SaaS solutions integrate spatial intelligence into enterprise workflows, seamlessly scaled across local, regional and global markets. Inspiring ingenuity since 1997, Alteryx, Inc. has offices in Orange, Calif., and Boulder, Colo. For more information please visit

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