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InfoLab’s Data School Builds Self-Service Analytics Platform for Human Services Call Center

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Connect2Help 211, an Indianapolis-based Nonprofit, Leverages Alteryx to Prepare, Cleanse and

Analyze Call Center Data to Understand Gaps in Community Services

Irvine, CA – Aug 3, 2016 – Alteryx, Inc., the leader in self-service data analytics, announced today that Connect2Help211 Indianapolis is using Alteryx to better understand how well they are serving their community and where the service gaps may be. Both Alteryx and Tableau were implemented for Connect2Help211 by a team from The Information Lab's Data School as a pro-bono project. Recently the Data School won the "Alteryx for Good" award, an Alteryx Excellence Award for their work with Connect2Help211.

Connect2Help211's mission is to facilitate connections between people who need human services and those who provide them. Connect2Help211 serves solely to promote self-sufficiency, change lives and, as a result, improve the quality of life in their communities. On each call, specialists collect demographics, need (including unmet needs) and referral information. Connect2Help211 staff also collect data on underlying situations such as unemployment, homelessness, illness/disability, veteran status, etc. When staff aggregate these data, they can tell the community's story, help identify gaps in services and areas where funders, planners, and other stakeholders should focus resources.

The combined power and automation of Alteryx and Tableau provides Connect2Help211 a streamlined data blending, cleansing, analysis and visualization system. Before using Alteryx, the Connect2Help211 team was using Microsoft Access to transform their data for use in Tableau. However, they could only include a portion of the caller data in Access, due to the way the data were structured in the caller data software (ReferNet). For instance, Connect2Help211 collects several data items on calls related to domestic abuse, such as the type of abuse (physical, verbal, sexual, etc.) and whether the caller needed emergency shelter.

"When we had a request for this kind of information, we had to do a manual export from our call center software into Microsoft Access, and then query the data to find the answer," said Ann Hartman, Director of Strategic Data Analysis, Connect2Help 211. "There were literally hundreds of essential data elements associated with our calls that were not included in our Tableau dataset. Thanks to Andy Kriebel's team and Alteryx, all of our data is now in one place. The time that we used to spend on data transformation and cleansing can now be spent on identifying community needs. We use these insights to help create a blueprint or call to action for community improvement."

"When we first heard about Connect2Help211's requirements, we thought this would be a great project for the Data School," said Andy Kriebel, Head Coach, The Information lab's Data School. "Not only would it be a great technical learning experience, but it would also be a great way for students to give back to the community."

"We have been absolutely blown away by the work of the Data School team with their implementation of Alteryx and Tableau," said Hartman,. "This is proof that a small group of dedicated people working together can change an entire community."

Other non-profits interested in leveraging self-service data analytics can now take advantage of the Alteryx for Good program which offers Alteryx Designer for free.

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