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Decision 2016 Presidential Election App Launched by Alteryx Predicts Local Results Using SurveyMonkey Data

Alteryx Predictive and Spatial Analytics Power Unique “Down to the Zipcode” Presidential Preference Application

Irvine, CA — Oct 7, 2016 — Alteryx, Inc., the leader in self-service data analytics, has launched its Decision 2016 Presidential Election application based on the predictive and spatial analytic capabilities within its platform. Leveraging SurveyMonkey’s Election Tracking data, the application can be used to predict the U.S. presidential election at the local level with the ability to segment further considering demographics including age, education, income and race.

“Alteryx has taken SurveyMonkey’s hi-fidelity data and harnessed advanced analytics to understand voter preferences during this seminal 2016 cycle,” said George Mathew, President and COO of Alteryx. “All national politics are ultimately local. This application will be relevant to anyone who wants to understand the micro-targeted view of the voter population and how they are segmenting across the political spectrum.”

The application leverages SurveyMonkey’s ability to deliver millions of datapoints on the electorate. It combines this data with local area factors (such as county-level Partisan Voting Index values) as well as individual demographic/socioeconomic characteristics in order to make “hyper-local” predictions of voting behavior. For example, a journalist covering the Presidential debate on October 9 might be interested in the candidate preferences in the areas around Washington University in downtown St. Louis and to see the variations across demographic groups and between urban and suburban neighborhoods.

“Our next-generation Election Tracking product delivers, in a few clicks, what historically has taken weeks of analysis,” said Mark Blumenthal, Head of Election Polling at SurveyMonkey. “Alteryx is a complement to our dataset. Their analytics behind the hyper-local data can reveal interesting nuances such as the demographics of swing counties or metro areas, which is where the election will be decided.”

Alteryx Analytics provides the entire analytical processing experience that generates the household-level predictions within this application. In order to build the model, historical presidential election data for more than 3100 U.S. counties are pulled into Alteryx and cleansed, blended, and prepared before being used to create a generalized, boosted-regression model. The tens of thousands of records from SurveyMonkey are combined with other data to develop a uniquely-focused, proprietary model designed to accurately forecast electoral preferences at the very granular Census Block Group level for the 2016 U.S. presidential election. The final results are then output to Carto and Tableau Public for visual consumption.

Experience the app for yourself:

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