Alteryx Celebrates Data-Driven Game Changers in Asia Pacific with 2022 Customer Excellence Awards

The winners are recognized for their commitment to democratizing analytics and influencing positive data-driven outcomes across the business.


Singapore —October 19, 2022— Alteryx, Inc., the Analytics Automation company, announced the Asia Pacific winners of the 2022 Alteryx Customer Excellence Awards. These awards celebrate customers for their outstanding achievements with analytics, including empowering everyone across their organizations to drive transformative business outcomes with data.

Alteryx selected individuals representing Deutsche Bank, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Whakarongorau Aotearoa, and Titan Company Limited based on quantifiable results and the remarkable impact of each customer project enabled by the Alteryx analytics automation platform.

Catalyzer – the best democratization of data:

  • BOOST Program, Deutsche Bank

    Seeing the need to drive competitive advantage with emerging tools, Deutsche Bank launched the BOOST (Build, Own, Operate, Share, and Transform) program in the Asia Pacific region for Deutsche Bank. BOOST was designed to upskill employees, helping them learn the skills required to compete in the digital economy. With digital toolkits that employees can use at their own pace, employees can now upskill themselves on Alteryx to drive operations-wide efficiency. As of 2021, the BOOST program upskilled more than 100 trained individuals on Alteryx to review processes, eliminate manual steps, improve the way employees work, and provide continuous efficient services to clients.

Disruptor – the most data-led business transformational change:

  • Carla Tetangco, Business Manager and Transformation Lead, Deutsche Bank

    Using automated analytics, Carla Tetangco and her team designed an effective workflow management tool to streamline recruitment and resourcing in less than two weeks. They used Alteryx to extract, clean, and blend siloed data from different workforce and hiring reports to standardize nomenclatures across businesses and locations. Now implemented globally, the analytics tool democratizes hiring data and provides senior management, business managers, and hiring managers with holistic insights that were previously unavailable. Both employee engagement and candidate experience have drastically improved as requisition approvals, candidate sourcing, and onboarding processes are now timely and seamless.

For Good – the greatest use of data for good:

  • Andrew Slater, CEO, Whakarongorau Aotearoa / PwC New Zealand

    Responsible for running the government’s free 24/7 digital telehealth services in New Zealand across seven different channels, Whakarongorau Aotearoa (Whakarongorau) was at the forefront of the government’s COVID-19 response. The organization staffing grew more than 500 percent and contact volumes by 185 percent during the pandemic and they needed to rapidly adapt their business model to process increasing volumes of data. PwC supported Whakarongorau to implement Alteryx’s analytics automation platform to create a flexible and scalable pipeline capable of real-time updates and delivery of timely insights for operations and reporting. This led to time savings of at least five full-time equivalent of data analysts, freeing up their time for more strategic functions and improving employee engagement. With real-time insights from Alteryx, Whakarongorau is closer to the mission of providing equal access to care and improving health outcomes for Māori, Pacific people, and those living in disadvantaged communities.

Performer – the greatest quantifiable business results:

  • Sivaram Subramoniam, Head of Internal Audit, Titan Company Limited

    Internal auditing plays a pivotal role in promoting a strong governance culture, especially for Titan Company Limited, a company with an annual revenue of approximately US$3.5 billion with multi-geographical presence and nine business lines. Using Alteryx to optimize internal auditing processes, Sivaram Subramoniam and his team can now automate data analysis and generate real-time breakthroughs – a process that once tested only 25 to 30 percent of processes and took up to two to three years to provide insights on all areas. Timely identification of actual and potential exceptions as well as unwarranted pay-outs led to potential savings worth more than 25 times of the Alteryx Project investment values within the first 11 months. The company also reduced its auditing cost by 17 percent year-on-year, while increasing auditing output by 39 percent and optimizing inventory management by three percent across select channels.

“Data is changing the world, and thriving organizations are using it to provide fuel to new, digitally enabled lines of business that drive growth and improve customer experiences,” said Gari Johnson, senior vice president, Asia Pacific and Japan, Alteryx. “We congratulate Deutsche Bank, Whakarongorau Aotearoa, PwC, and Titan Company Limited for using analytics in such impressive and impactful ways. The 2022 Customer Excellence Award Winners are key testaments of what organizations can achieve by democratizing analytics to unearth data-driven insights.”

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