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Easily Share Insights Across Your Company

Organizations increasingly need to help analysts work together within the same teams and share insights with their internal business customers. But doing so often leaves them with limited cloud services or complex and expensive cloud-hosted deployments from legacy analytic platforms.

Alteryx Analytics Gallery, a key feature of Alteryx Server, allows business decision-makers to quickly and easily engage with analytic applications and insights created by analytic teams. Alteryx Analytics Gallery delivers a powerful consumer-based analytics experience that enables organizations to get to the value of analytic insights faster within a simple web interface.

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Publish Analytic Apps

Alteryx Analytics Gallery represents a revolutionary shift in how data analysts can create and deploy analytic applications.

Gallery Publish

By leveraging the power of the cloud for end-user efficiency and productivity, you can publish, iterate, and update analytic applications without assistance from overburdened analytics staff or data scientists.

Collaborate with other data analysts
Save workflows in a centralized repository with version control to enable effective and secure collaboration among data analysts.

Empower business decision-makers with customized analytics
Publish your data, macros, analytic workflows, and Alteryx Visualytics interactive charts to your private studio, effectively enabling self-service analytics across your organization.

Restrict access to the people who need it
Grant or revoke access to applications, macros, or entire collections on a per-user basis.

Gallery Publish

Customize Analytic Apps

Alteryx Analytics Gallery enables anyone, anywhere, to access and share customized analytic applications — at any time.

Gallery Customize

You can simplify and speed up how everyone in your extended organization — including partners, customers, and suppliers — consumes and customizes powerful analytics, improving your company’s overall agility and decision-making processes.

Discover best-practice apps shared by other data analysts
Browse a wide range of general interest and vertically focused analytic applications in the Alteryx Public Gallery to see how analytic apps can work for your business.

Run apps shared with you by your organization’s data analyst
Look through a collection of proprietary analytic applications to find a specific piece of insight.

Consume sophisticated analytics
Make analytic app consumption as easy as finding new mobile apps in your device’s app store or other cloud optimized services.



Gallery Customize

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