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We’re helping nonprofits accelerate their mission with data science and analytics.

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Tech for Good is our free licensing program that puts our signature, easy-to-use analytics tools in the hands of the nonprofits who need them most, helping them make smarter decisions faster.

Insights Making an Impact

We partner with nonprofits working to bring positive changes to their communities, the planet, and issues that align with our corporate values. Qualified nonprofits have full access to the Alteryx skills-based volunteering program, a network of passionate volunteers helping nonprofits thrive with data.

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Nonprofits finding faster insights

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To apply for our free licensing program, please fill out the form linked below. Your organization must meet the following requirements:

  • Tax-exempt organization
  • Total revenue under $10M (in local currency)
  • Not a school or government agency
  • Company mission related to one of our five causes: health, education, workforce development, basic needs, or sustainability

By automating our workflows and pulling more data-driven insights into the conversation, we’ve been able to push the boundaries of what our small nonprofit can achieve.

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